Avatar 3D Blu-ray Review

Having already reviewed AVATAR when it came out at theaters and again when it hit Blu-ray the first time, this review is going to focus on the 3D aspect of the film and less on the quality of the movie. If you want to read what we thought of the film, please click the following links: AVATAR movie review, AVATAR Blu-ray review.


This is the third time AVATAR has made its way to Blu-ray. The first time was as a bare-bones release, featuring nothing but the film, then a special edition came a few months later which had all the bonus material and deleted scenes. This version has something even more important; the 3D transfer of the film. Prior to this release, if you wanted to watch AVATAR in 3D on your home theater system, you had to either buy the Panasonic TV it was bundled with or spend upwards of $300 on eBay. Thankfully, Fox has now released it to the general public and its release might be the spark that 3D Blu-ray needs to take off.


AVATAR without 3D is still a good film, but what makes it so impressive is that AVATAR was actually made with 3D in mind. Much like some directors use the weather or a city as a character in a film, James Cameron uses the 3D as an integral part of AVATAR. So watching the film without 3D is almost like watching it without one of the major characters. It adds a depth to the film that truly encompasses the saying that you don’t watch AVATAR, you experience it. And let’s be honest; if AVATAR wasn’t in 3D when it hit theaters, would this have broken so many box office records? I think not.

Avatar 3D Blu-ray

Any time a film like AVATAR receives so much hype, it’s tough to go back and revisit it with an open mind, but viewing it in 3D should help. I hadn’t seen it since the first Blu-ray release and after seeing it in 3D on my home theater, I realize that watching it without 3D doesn’t really count. You can watch films like THE AVENGERS, KUNG FU PANDA 2 or PROMETHEUS and be fine without the 3D, but since the 3D craze started, AVATAR remains the only film to truly use the technology as it was intended.


I know many of you are still on the fence about whether or not to upgrade to a 3D display. Wearing glasses throughout a 2.5 hour film is not for everyone, so be honest with yourself before you go spend the money. But AVATAR 3D is the first 3D release that I can wholeheartedly say has to be watched in 3D. If you remember how it felt watching AVATAR in theaters, then trust me when I say this is a surprisingly close replication of that experience in your own home theater.


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