Finding Nemo 3D Blu-ray Review

FINDING NEMO is a film about a father whose family is brutally murdered and then years later the father teams up with a mentally unstable woman to rescue his lone surviving son from a sadistic killer.  Oh, did I mention this is an animated kid’s movie?  In true Pixar fashion, they managed to take a surprisingly intense storyline and put it in a fun setting and tell a beautiful story.    FINDING NEMO isn’t the greatest Pixar film, but it’s one of many examples of how great Pixar is and how they talented they are at telling stories we want to see.

Finding Nemo 3D Blu-ray

When Marlin’s (voiced by Albert Brooks) son, Nemo (voiced by Alexander Gould from TV’s ‘Weeds’) is captured by a scuba-diving dentist, Marlin sets out on an adventure across the ocean to rescue him.  Along the way, he teams up with the fast talking Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), who suffers from short term memory loss, but has a heart of gold and is eager to help Marlin find Nemo.  Throughout their adventure, they encounter some recovering sharks, a school of sea turtles and a deep sea angler fish, all before they even reach Nemo.  Nemo, meanwhile, is in a fish tank in Sydney, Australia and is making plans of his own to break out with the help of some new friends.

Finding Nemo 3D Blu-ray

FINDING NEMO is arguably the funniest Pixar movie, thanks in large part to the voice work of Ellen DeGeneres.  Ellen’s Dory is the funniest, most entertaining Disney character since Robin Williams’ Genie from ALADDIN.  Marlin tends to be a little annoying and obnoxious, but he’s countered wonderfully by the fun Dory.  And let’s not forget that no matter how you break the film down, it’s about a father trying to rescue his kidnapped son.  So the fact directors Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich were able to plow through the heavy weighted storyline and tell the story in a fun, enjoyable fashion is commendable.  And for a fun fact; FINDING NEMO was the first Pixar film to show blood.  In other words, they push the limits for an animated film for kids.

Finding Nemo 3D Blu-ray

FINDING NEMO is also incredibly beautiful to look at.  While TOY STORY, A BUG’S LIFE and MONSTER’S INC. were impressive in how life-like they displayed their characters, FINDING NEMO takes the animation to a whole new level by giving audiences richly detailed settings under the sea.  Everything from Nemo’s home to the seagulls on the dock looked stunning and lifelike.  But beautiful scenery means nothing without great characters and while Marlin and Nemo have the developed character arcs, there are great supporting characters  to help drive their stories along.  Each one serves a purpose and provides some comedic relief to the otherwise heavy-hearted story.

Finding Nemo 3D Blu-ray

I like FINDING NEMO a little bit to UP and THE LION KING in that if you can get past the early death of a character, you will enjoy the film.  I don’t know how little kids will react to the film and I think some of the inside jokes might get lost on the younger generation.  But that’s what used to make Pixar great; they could make films enjoyable for both parents and children.


Just like with their re-release of UP, Pixar has outdone themselves with FINDING NEMO.  But to be fair, if you’re looking at the current selection of 3D titles available, the most impressive are almost always animated films or underwater documentaries.  So an animated movie set underwater is perfectly set up to impress with great 3D.


Video:  FINDING NEMO is stunning.   You could pause your screen and probably convince people you had one of those aquarium Blu-rays.

Audio: The audio is also wonderful, fully utilizing the incredible audio track.

Cine-Explore Picture in Picture commentary with Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich and Bob Peterson:  The directors and writers sit down to talk about the film in this incredibly enjoyable PiP commentary.  These guys cover every aspect of the film and offer plenty of enjoyable anecdotes.

Finding Nemo, featuring the voicework of Ellen Degeneres

Finding Nemo: A Filmmakers’ Roundtable (17:58): The directors, writers and producers sit down and reflect on Finding Nemo 10 years after it first hit theaters.  I enjoyed this, but felt it could have used a bit more structure to keep it moving along.

Reinventing the Submarine Voyage (14:57): If you’ve been to Disneyland, then you’re familiar with their Tomorrowland.  This featurette looks at the changes in the Submarine Voyage.

A Lesson in Flashbacks (7:52): Stanton talks about some of the struggles he faced and lessons he learned while telling Nemo’s story.

Deleted Scene (2:51): This is a new opening told in unfinished computer generated animation.

Knick Knack (3:58): This was one of the first Pixar shorts, about a trapped snowman trying to get out of his snowglobe.  It’s amazing how far the animation has come.

Art Review (9:03): Some of the artists talk about the concept art used for the film.

The rest of the features are taken directly from the Collector’s edition DVD: Making Nemo, Exploring the Reef, Studio Tour, Old School, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Publicity Pieces and Mr. Ray’s Encyclopedia

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