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A few rants and drunken outbursts ago, GET THE GRINGO would have been released in theaters and probably would have done pretty well.  But unfortunately, Mel Gibson hasn’t learned to keep his angry rants clear of recording devices and so we’re stuck catching his latest film, GET THE GRINGO, on a straight to VOD/Blu-ray release.  It’s a shame because anyone who was a fan of his action/dramas in the late 80’s and early 90’s will love seeing Mel back in a gritty, anti-hero role.

Get the Gringo

Mel Gibson is known simply as “Driver” or “Gringo”, a career criminal that embarks on a high speed chase that sees him crash through the Mexico-US border.  Once through, he’s taken into custody by the Mexican police, who seize his cash for their own benefit and stick him in a Mexican prison.  But the prison is unlike anything you’d see in America and is more of a confined community where men and women live together and everything is for sale.  The prison is unofficially run by Javi (Daniel Gimenez Cacho), who acts like a mob crime boss.  Gringo has to navigate his way through the prison, build up status and ultimately break out and get his money back.  To help him, he befriends a young boy (Kevin Hernandez) who happens to be a perfect blood type match for Javi, who has a failing liver.

Get the Gringo

The film excels when Mel Gibson is being his usual, charming and sarcastic self.  It’s a blast watching him deal with the Mexican prisoners and weave his way up the food chain.  He plays everyone against one another, ultimately coming out on top (of course).  If there was a problem with the film, it was with the pacing, which felt unnecessarily slow at times.  Gringo was a fast talker and fast thinker and the film needed to match that style and move from point to point with more urgency.  The script also felt a little convoluted in parts, with too much emphasis put on the kid’s connection to Javi.  I cared more about Gringo trying to get his money back and wanted to focus more on his interactions with the other prisoners.

Get the Gringo

If you were a fan of past Mel Gibson movies like PAYBACK or even his part in the LETHAL WEAPON films, then you know Mel is the king of the anti-hero.  Even if his character is grungy and what most would consider “bad”, you can’t help but root for him because of the charm Mel brings to every part he plays.  I’ve always thought Mel Gibson was one of the best actors of his generation and once again, he proves it in GET THE GRINGO.  Gringo was a tough character to pull off because of the situation he was in, but Mel was brilliant.  Again, it’s just a shame that his personal indiscretions continue to detract from his professional accomplishments.


Video:  If you’re going to bypass the theaters and release your film straight to Blu-ray, then you better make it look good.  I’m happy to say GET THE GRINGO looked wonderful.

Audio: The audio was also very well done.

Get the Gringo

Get the Gringo- A Look Inside (18:01): A behind-the-scenes featurette that gives a pretty good look at how the film came together that also includes a good amount of on-set clips.

On Set-The Car Chase (3:38): A little bit on the chase sequence in the film.

On Set- The Showdown (4:10): Another little stint on the choreography during the shootout.

On Set- The Raid (3:44): Seriously, another little clip on the raid.

Music Video “El Corrido del Gringo”


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