Glee: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray Review

GLEE season three finds us back at William McKinley High School with our favorite Lima, Ohio based show choir at the beginning of senior year. In this season some of our main players (like Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Puck, Quinn, Mercedes and Santana) are set to graduate WMHS and though it’s exciting, they all have to decide where they want to go and what they want to do with their future. Thank goodness they have their fellow Glee buddies to help them get through the last year as well as one more shot to win the National Show Choir Championship.

Glee S3

Most are agreed that while the first season of GLEE was one of the more exciting shows to hit television in quite some time, the second season left much to be desired. In fact, most fans probably dropped off after the sophomore season and didn’t bother giving this most recent one a shot. Luckily, the third season of GLEE seemed to get back on track (after a few first episodes and a Christmas special that were quite painful to watch) and give audiences another enjoyable season that included a lot of good songs and plot points, but also touched on some serious topics. GLEE isn’t the first place one would look to get a lesson on: domestic violence, texting while driving or teen suicide, but somehow GLEE managed to pull it off without going too dark. For those that decided to skip this season I would recommend picking season three up and watch for about 10-15 episodes, if these don’t pull you back into GLEE then walk away forever.

Glee S3

Since the first two season of GLEE were basically the Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel show, it was nice that some other stars received more limelight. Some of the highlights of this season were watching Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) and Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) break away from New Directions for a bit and showcase some of their own vocal styling’s. Even though it’s necessary to have a character or two that the show revolves around, it’s a shame to waste so much talent all the time. I’m glad the directors and producers decided to let some of their other cast members shine.

Glee S3

If there was one thing lacking in season three that season two excelled at, it was that there were so few guest stars that had roles that spanned multiple episodes. Season two of GLEE gave us Gwyneth Paltrow, Brittney Spears, John Stamos and Molly Shannon. Season three gave us Ricky Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, Lindsay Lohan (does she really count as a star anymore), Matt Bomer and Jeff Goldblum. After Gwyneth Paltrow stole the show last season this writer felt they really needed to step it up. Maybe next year we’ll get to see some more significant and multi-episode special guests.

Glee S3

Though I went into GLEE season three with a heavy heart after a lackluster season two, I’m happy to say that I finished off the season glad that I pushed through and excited to see what will come next for our Glee members. I’m still a little hesitant to see how season four will turn out since our group is spread across the country, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed and a happy song in my heart in hopes that everything turns out alright.


Video: The video on all the episodes look fantastic.

Audio: Everything sounds perfect.

Glee Under the Stars (7:47): Focuses on the premiere party at Santa Monica High School.

Ginger Supremacists- Extended Scene (4:03): An extended scene of the humorous Ginger Supremacists scene.

Sue Flashback- Deleted Scene (2:45): A deleted scene of Sue in high school.

Glee S3

“Santa Baby” Deleted Scene (3:51): A deleted scene where Santana and Finn go Christmas shopping for Rachel.

Glee Give a Note (7:48): Jayma Mays and Dot-Marie Jones give a check to Culver City Middle School for music education.

Glee Swap: Behind the Scenes of “Props” (5:39): A short bit about the Freaky Friday episode.

Meet the Newbies (13:18): A little intro to all the new actors that joined this season.

Saying Goodbye (15:17): Obviously a featurette about the last three years and the parting of the seniors.

Ask Sue: World Domination Blog (6:09): Sue answers questions from viewers.

Return of Sue’s Quips (3:01): A montage of Sue’s put-downs through the seasons.

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