Grosse Pointe Blank Blu-ray Review

GROSSE POINTE BLANK is not your typical romantic comedy and I couldn’t be happier for this fun twist on the genre. Government trained assassin turned professional killer, Martin Blank, has been summoned home for his ten year high school reunion.  Not having been home since he stood-up his senior prom date and ditched town for this unique line of work, he considers avoiding the reunion until an assignment sends him that direction. Deciding to hit two birds with one stone, Martin (the dreamy John Cusack) packs his bags and heads to Grosse Pointe to visit his past and take care of business in this uniquely funny reunion flick.  With government spooks on his trail, a competitor assassin upset that Blank got the killing assignment and other baddies who want him dead, the real danger is when Martin Blank faces his prom date, Debbi (the adorable Minnie Driver),  for the first time since ditching her ten years ago.

Minnie Driver, John Cusack in Grosse Pointe BlankThere are a lot of really great moments in GROSSE POINTE BLANK that make this shoot’em-up comedy work. The supporting cast and witty banter between characters help propel this flick to the fun explosive ending. Dan Aykroyd’s fast talking trigger happy killer, Grocer, is one of my favorite supporting characters. Wanting to get back at Blank for getting the contract on his Grosse Pointe assignment, I like how he outs Blank to the authorities. The exchanges between Grocer and Blank are quick, sharp and uneasy as the two are always strapped with weaponry – ready to respond to the other with gunfire if needed.

John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank

Everyone has that tried and true loyal friend where no matter the amount of time that has passed you can pick up right where you left off. This is true of my second favorite supporting character, Paul Spericki, fabulously done by Jeremy Piven. His freak out over Martin being gone for “TEN! YEARS!” is such a great scene. At the reunion when Paul tries to get the attention of still beautiful Jenny Slater by repeating her name over and over makes me laugh as it is completely ridiculous for a grown man to be doing.  Alan Arkin’s freaked out therapist, Dr. Oatman is another great add-on. It also made me realize that Arkin and Cusack buddy up as patient and therapist again in AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS. I think I prefer the GROSSE POINTE BLANK duo. Lastly, when highlighting the great cast, mention must be made for the on-screen sibling reunion as two of John Cusack’s sisters; Joan and Ann are a part of the film too. Joan as Martin’s assistant, Marcella and Ann Cusack as snobby reunion attendee, Amy.

John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank

For a romantic killing comedy the chemistry between Minnie Driver and John Cusack in this film is worthy of an “A”.  Why doesn’t Minnie Driver have more roles in films these days? As the radio disc jockey she is charming, bright and has spunk – a great balance to Martin’s internal, quiet hitman.  Everything in this film is expertly pieced together making our killer loveable, the scenarios hilarious, and the romance believable. If you are in the mood for gratuitous shooting, fun and romance, you’ve found the perfect flick.


Video (1.85:1): Sharp colors and nice picture. What you’ve come to expect from your average Blu-ray film.

Audio (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1):   The audio on GROSSE POINTE BLANK’s Blu-ray is horrible! The music is too loud, the voices too soft. I was constantly battling the volume controls throughout the picture.

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