Hatchet II (Blu-ray)

Picking up directly where HATCHET ends, Marybeth barely escapes Victor Crowley with her life.  Pushed in the direction of the eccentric Reverend Zombie, Marybeth convinces him to take her back into the swamp so she can have her revenge.  For reasons of his own the good Reverend agrees and with the help of some hired guns, leads Marybeth back to Victor Crowley.

Kane Hodder in Hatchet II

I’ll never forget the first time I watched HATCHET, it was about one am and I was half in the bag when I pushed play, what happened next was a combination of fan boy heaven meets dark, guilty pleasure painted red with blood.  I loved it and was hungry for more.  When news of HATCHET II came calling and the Blu-ray for the first film was released, I ended up getting it to review and enjoyed my return to Victor’s swamp even more than the initial visit, especially after watching all the special features.  It was obvious to me that so much love and care went into making this film, so when the opportunity to interview Adam and some of the cast for the second film presented itself I was all over it and I can honestly say that everything about HATCHET II impressed me.

Danielle Harris in Hatchet II

Now from a fan’s perspective there are a ton of subtleties to be found in this film.  Right from the get go we have director Adam Green himself puking in the street as Marybeth makes her way to Reverend Zombie’s shop (a nice touch).  Then we have some FROZEN propaganda on the TV in Zombie’s shop.  There’s also Marybeth wearing a Twisted Sister T-Shirt (which was probably my favourite) and I couldn’t help but grin when one of the guys asks if Victor Crowley’s story is a lot like Jason Voorhees and of course then goes on to mention Leslie Vernon.  Also, I’m near positive that Victor’s insane chainsaw just had to be a wink in R.A. Mihailoff’s direction.

Tony Todd in Hatchet II

The ensemble cast Adam put together here rivals Sly’s expendables.  Danielle Harris rocked the role of Marybeth adding strength, resolve and some badass attitude to the mix.  Tony Todd’s Reverend Zombie certainly got the attention he deserved this time around and gave the film an added edge (loved the staff).  Kane Hodder tore it up as Victor Crowley who looked phenomenal this time around; the changes to the suit and makeup were definitely noticeable, especially when it came down to Victor’s facial expressions.  Seeing R.A. (Leatherface from TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3) in the ranks was slick as with the addition of Tom Holland, director of CHILD’S PLAY and FRIGHT NIGHT.  Like I said, there are simply too many small winks and nods to mention but all were appreciated by this fan.

Danielle Harris in Hatchet II

HATCHET II is everything an old-school Horror fan like me could ask for.  The only complaint I have is that this baby wasn’t longer; I could have easily spent another half hour to an hour in Victor’s swamp.  The back story given to Victor and his plight was pretty sweet and the family line angle presented by Zombie intriguing.  Clearly I don’t want to give anything away (loved the ending though) but I totally dug how things can go either way down the road.  Now as far as content is concerned the kills were abundant (as was the red stuff), brutal and left me screaming for more all around.  I’m not a guy that usually pushes sequels but I can honestly say that I want to see more Victor Crowley in the not so distant future.


Video: 1.78:1 Widescreen in 1080p HD with AVC codec.  Yes, it’s dark out there but rest assured you see everything down to the last sticky detail.

Audio: 5.1 DTS-HD in English and Spanish with the same subtitle options.  The film kicks off to some hardcore heavy metal and I loved every second of it.

Commentary (1:26:00): There are two commentaries here; one with director Adam Green joined by some of the cast and one with the Adam and his effects team.  Both are good times but the first one is less technical and therefore more fun.

Danielle Harris behind the scenes of Hatchet II

Hatchet II Behind the Screams (33:39): The cast and crew weigh in after five years since the original film and are stoked to be back together.  There’s lots of love in the room, that’s for sure.

Hatchet II EPK (8:15): Here, director Adam Green describes HATCHET II as being the first film blown up on steroids and I would have to say I agree with him one hundred percent.

The Killing Machine (6:14): Here the FX team lead us through plenty of kills and gallons of blood.  The boys really rose to the challenge with this one and it shows.

Previews: There is a theatrical trailer, teaser, TV Spot, Radio Spot as well as a handful of other previews.


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