Highlander 2 (Blu-ray)

The year is 2024 and Connor Macleod somehow helped build a force shield to protect Earth from the sun after the Ozone gave out.  During this time while the shield’s been up, the world has become a darker place and Connor has become an old man.  Somehow Ramirez comes back, a bunch of baddies from a parallel universe/future come to Earth to hunt Connor and everything from the first HIGHLANDER film gets unravelled and crapped on (fantastic work guys).

Highlander 2

As I mentioned in my HIGHLANDER review, somehow I managed to miss this film altogether but after watching it now for the first time, I’m fully convinced that was a good thing.  Some people didn’t like where the series went after this one but I fully enjoyed HIGHLANDER 3:  THE SORCERER and HIGHLANDER:  END GAME as both those sequels at least continued in the footsteps of the first film.  This mess of a sequel however, went in the complete opposite direction.  I have absolutely no idea why anyone would sign off on this nonsense (cough, cough, other than money) or how anyone thought this would appease the HIGHLANDER fan base but one thing I do know is that THIS fan was not impressed.

Highlander 2

Now over and above the fact that a sequel made no sense in the first place (there can be only one, right?  Connor killed the last immortal, got the prize, became human, end of story) clearly these writers were trying to cash in on the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE craze that I can only assume was happening at the time.  The swords used here we very He-Man looking, as was the hover board thing Connor was riding on.  The two porcupine haired fools looked a lot like that porcupine chick from NIGHTBREED only nowhere near as cool.  Everything about this film conceptually, felt like a (poorly conceived) MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE knockoff and again, I was not impressed.

Highlander 2

Now let’s get back to the fact that there can only be one and as of the end of the first film, there was.  The flash forward to the future/parallel Earth/Eternia/wherever was just too random and far too ridiculous to ignore.  The fact that Ramirez was there talking to Connor, yet when they reunite (which takes far too long mind you), Connor talks to him about being dead for five hundred years like he hasn’t seen him since before Kurgan killed him, also made no sense.  I like Michael Ironside but he was a Kurgan rip-off down to his sword which had a blade extension rather than a spike one (lame).  What little thought was put into this sequel was used on all the wrong things.

Highlander 2

HIGHLANDER 2 is a terrible, terrible example of how good things can indeed go bad.  Every other HIGHLANDER sequel was fun (despite raising the obvious question of how in the hell do more immortals just keep popping up all the damn time), I even liked the animated one that came out a couple years back and (believe it or not) the TV series wasn’t that bad either.  I can’t even begin to imagine what anyone involved with this film’s conception was thinking but I can only surmise that large quantities of drugs and alcohol were involved at every turn.  Thankfully these films are coming out individually and not as a boxed set, meaning you can save yourself the money and mental agony of experiencing this horrible excuse for film.


Video: 2.35:1 Widescreen in 1080p HD with AVC codec.  The effects may be better but no amount of visual miracles could have saved this atrocious sequel from being awful.

Audio: 5.1 DTS-HD in English, French and Spanish with the same subtitle options.  I dug the orchestra score here and it makes sense as Queen wouldn’t have been able to trump the first one.

Highlander 2:  Seduced by Argentina (50:05): Now this is a hilarious documentary!  The Producers (God love them) at least admit to how awful this sequel was and how much a dump FOX took on the original story but thankfully the French at least didn’t seem to mind.

The Redemption of Highlander 2 (13:46): I wouldn’t say the FX redeemed anything but here we get a brief tutorial on the effects and how tough it was to put this stuff together back then.

The Music of Highlander 2 (9:05): The score for this film was alright and as much as I’ve never been a huge Queen fan, they did a much better job with the first one.

The Fabric of Highlander 2 (10:07): This is a quick look at the wardrobe and ideas behind it.  It’s always a gamble when you tackle the future but I think they did okay.

Shadows & Darkness:  The Cinematography of Highlander 2 (5:51): I will say this, the overall effects and cinematography did indeed improve with the sequel (especially considering how old this film is) but that’s about it.

Deleted Scenes (5:48): Much like this film, these deleted scenes are terrible, especially the one with the porcupine brothers.

Previews: There’s a theatrical trailer, some Lionsgate trailers and the original Cannes Film Festival promotional trailer which I didn’t find was very flattering.


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