I Am Number Four (Blu-ray)

The only talk I have heard about I AM NUMBER FOUR prior to seeing the film was about young newcomer Alex Pettyfer.  Is he the real deal or the real dud?  I think I can safely say he is neither, which unfortunately puts him closer to the latter category when it comes to Hollywood standards.  However one large reason the talk was about this kid is because there really is nothing to talk about the movie itself except for the cliché predictability and overall boring storyline.

Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four

Nine chosen children with special powers are the only survivors from a far away planet.  Separately sent to earth, each is accompanied by a protector to watch over them, explaining the skills they will eventually possess while growing older.  One by one, an opposing alien form that wants to annihilate all inhabitants of their planet is systematically killing them.

Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron in I Am Number Four

After the first three numbers have been killed, the story picks up with Number Four, a teenager currently under the alias John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) on the run once again with his protector (Timothy Olyphant).  They settle in Paradise, Ohio where Number Four goes through typical high school dilemmas of being the new kid and having his body change, only unlike other teenagers his palms have powers.  He meets Sarah (Dianna Agron), an aspiring photographer and the two quickly fall for each other.  Number Four no longer wants to run from his enemies and decides to fight back using his newfound Legacy powers.  Thankfully, Number Six (Teresa Palmer) has been hot on his trail.  She shows up at the most opportune time and teams up with Number Four to kick some baddie butt.

Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four

As I said before, Pettyfer doesn’t necessarily do a bad job but he is simply forgettable which when making films IS a bad job, especially if you are playing the lead.  The worst actor in the world can have a ton of charisma and be OK but visa versa it simply doesn’t work.  Pettyfer just isn’t charismatic enough.  That goes double for Dianna Agron who takes a break from her gig on Glee and is still unlikeable as the supposedly winsome love interest.  The process of their affection is extremely trite going through all the rudimentary emotions of a high school movie relationships.  Many of the characters, whether it be Olyphant’s protecting warrior, the evil alien race or a friendly morphing lizard are not fully developed leaving a lot of unanswered questions.  The best part of the film for me is Palmer as Number Six randomly busting in with Schwarzenegger-esque lines blowing things up but her character is only relevant in the last ten minutes of the film.

Teresa Palmer in I Am Number Four

Here is the question, despite the plot and acting negatives does I AM NUMBER FOUR entertain?  The answer is still No.  All the action comes right at the end and is the epitome of the phrase too little too late.  Even if the action were not too little it still would have definitely been too late.  Battling the boredom of typical high school love without out offering an ounce of originality is simply unbearable for most ages and I hope the preteen target audience will know better.


Video: (1080p High Definition 1. 85:1) The picture is clear and vibrant.

Audio: (5.1 DTS-HD MA) Excellent quality.

Deleted Scenes (18:58): A total of 6 extended or deleted scenes with commentary before each one by director D.J. Caruso.  Karen Allen was cast in a part that got completely cut from the film

Becoming Number Six (11:44): This is a look at actress Teresa Palmer and the making of all her action scenes as Number Six.  She is easily the best part and I foresee a bigger future in films for her.

Bloopers (3:15): Typical reel of flubbing lines and laughing.



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