Jonah Hex (Blu-ray)

Ouch. You’re right; that did hurt. Sitting through JONAH HEX was brutal, just as you imagined; almost as painful as the branding on Hex’s face. I would give that a double ouch.  This movie brings the comic book antihero to life, showing us how JONAH HEX becomes the scar faced bounty hunter who can talk to the dead.

Jonah Hex

It troubles me to say that JONAH HEX was a mediocre film with amazing actors. The talent on this set should have provided less of a snooze fest. That comment is directed to everyone else in the film other than Megan Fox, this mediocre film suits you and your horrible acting nicely. More of that to come.

Jonah Hex

From a visual standpoint, Josh Brolin does a phenomenal job portraying the weathered and dusty Hex. With a snarl that feels like a tribute to Eastwood’s westerns and a fearless attitude when hunting the bad guys, Brolin and his rugged good looks completely embody the character created in the minds of those who are lifelong fans of this comic. Though I would have liked a bit more emotion from him, he made the character a fun one to watch.

Who isn’t a little afraid of John Malkovich? Per usual, he plays a superb villain; I’ve got goose-bumps just listening to his steady voice and cool tone that can be more creepy than an over the top scoundrel. When he does lose his calm and over enunciate spit-shouts I know that something awesome is about to happen on screen. Malkovich as baddy Quentin Turnbull has some moments that shine.

Jonah Hex

The worst acting in this picture goes to Megan Fox. Working in a brothel and having a connection of some sort with Hex, she could have done a lot more with the character instead of being a bore.  I fell asleep every time she was on screen. Probably because she looks like she’s sleep walking in every scene. You don’t feel any of the alleged chemistry between Fox and Brolin and don’t quite understand why they help each other out or why the bad guys know they are pals. I’m sure that they could have found another good-looking actress who can act to fill in this position.

Jonah Hex

Being a bit of a yellowbelly when it comes to violence, I was happy when JONAH HEX was less graphic than what I was expecting, but disappointed that the scenes were almost boring.  There was a serious lack of imagination with the action sequences but a great imagination with the weaponry. That helped make up for those so-so fight scenes.

If you are or have a middle school age boy in the family, then this is a movie for him. From mild fight scenes, and a guitar heavy soundtrack to Megan Fox in scantily clad western wear I can picture this movie being appreciated by that demographic.


Video: (2.4:1 Widescreen) Great picture for the comic/cartoon scenes and the western landscape.

Audio: (5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio) Perfect sound for the action sequences and anytime something went ‘boom’.

Deleted Scenes (5:11): Three deleted scenes that were appropriately deleted.

The Weird, Western Tales of Jonah Hex (1:21:28): Making Of meets Commentary. Picture in picture plays throughout the film with a look at behind the scenes, and insight from actors, directors and writers.

The Inside Story of Jonah Hex (10:53): A look into the comic book history of Jonah Hex and how that was used as a jumping off point for the movie.


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