Just Go With It

Danny is a plastic surgeon with a big heart but after getting it broken on his wedding day, he decided it would be easier to simply pretend to be married in order to pick up chicks.  Years later, he finally meets a girl he thinks could be the one but in order to make it happen he has to enlist the aid of his assistant to help cover a lie that just keeps getting bigger and more out of hand by the minute.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It

I love Adam Sandler, I sincerely do and although I miss his Billy Madison days just as much as the next fan, I can’t blame the guy for somewhat growing up.  My favorite Sandler film will always be BULLETPROOF and I think the only one I’ve never watched is SPANGLISH (sorry bro, it looked like a big bag of no fun) but other than that the guy’s never really done much wrong for me.  If I was going to categorize this film in contrast to his others I would have to say we’re dealing with something along the same lines of 50 FIRST DATES, only much funnier and less sappy.  I’ll be honest, I went into this one thinking it was going to be just “okay” but ended up laughing my butt off for the better part of the film.

Adam Sandler, Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It

As far as romantic comedy stories go this was one was definitely fun.  I always love a good cover-up story where everyone’s trying to play wingman.  I’ll admit that this particular situation didn’t have to get blown out of proportion nearly as far as it did (I mean, she had to be one serious piece of action to be worth spending all that money on Hawaii tickets).  Now the good news here is that despite feeling familiar, the shenanigans that ensue are indisputably hilarious.  I will say that the whole “meeting up with your High School nemesis” angle is getting old (YOU AGAIN made this concept fun again but it’s far too early to bring it back) but having Nicole Kidman show up in that role was a welcome surprise.

Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It

Speaking of Nicole Kidman, man oh man does she look good for her age, you could wash laundry on those abs!  And I’m not going to take anything away from Jennifer Aniston either because she looked great as well.  I remember catching an interview with Aniston a year or so ago while they were shooting this film and she worked herself to the bone to keep up with the lavishly delicious Brooklyn Decker.  Now I know everyone saw this trailer and I also know (if you’re anything like me) everyone immediately stopped whatever it was they were doing the second Brooklyn hit the screen in that bikini.  I’m not gonna lie to you, I figured if anything, this flick would be at least worth a peek to take a look at Brooklyn Decker!

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It

JUST GO WITH IT isn’t Sandler’s funniest moment but as a fan of his work I can honestly say this is a worthwhile entry into the ranks.  The jokes never stop coming and they’re not the lame poop and penis jokes you find so many lazy comedies leaning on these days.  Well, I guess the whole Devlin thing was a kind of a poop joke but it was pretty funny.  The writing is smart, the love story is brief and to the point (not over exaggerated) and actually makes sense.  The Hawaiian backdrop is breathtaking, the camaraderie amongst characters is sharp and everyone seems to be having a blast.  I left this film feeling happy and have no problem recommending it for anyone who wants or needs a good laugh.


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