Knight and Day (Blu-ray)

The “disappointing” film that naysayers think knocked Cruise from his perch atop box office performers (even though it turned to be Fox’s highest grossing film of 2010) has been discussed more for its effect on Tom Cruise’s career than for what it actually is; a fun action film.  That fact seems to be lost in all the speculation about Mr. Cruise and therefore, a lot of fans are going to miss out on a fun, lighthearted action romp that manages to be exactly what we want in a summer blockbuster.

Knight and Day

Cruise is Roy Miller, a spy on the run from the CIA after he allegedly stole a powerful battery that could be sold on the black market for millions.  While trying to get the battery through security, he enlists the help of an unknowing June Havens (Cameron Diaz).  That initial encounter links them together and Roy is forced to take her on his world traveling mission.  Normally, I don’t like Cameron Diaz in these types of films, but I found her tolerable here as the unwilling traveler and curious accomplice.  The role didn’t require much, but Diaz played it well for what was asked of her.  Skarsgaard plays a bad guy fairly well, but even he wasn’t asked to do much.


The star of the film is Cruise, who gives another stellar performance as the man-on-a-mission Roy.  But this Roy is different from most of his characters because Roy has a sense of humor and is more carefree than Ethan Hunt or some of the other Cruise characters.  Cruise does intense and focused better than anyone, but he’s also a funny guy and that came through in this character more than some of his others.  That touch of humor worked well with how director James Mangold shot the film, which was slightly unconventional for the genre.  I got a kick out of the highway chase scene, which could have easily wound up looking like any number of highway chase scenes in various action movies.  I also liked the gag of June falling in and out of consciousness while Roy found himself in horrible situations.  Sure, some people will say they blacked out all the best parts, but I thought there was more than enough action to make the gag work.  If they had included those stunts in their entirety, it would have been a four hour movie.


Overall, KNIGHT AND DAY did exactly what it was supposed to, which is entertain you.  Sure, it had some problems (the title doesn’t make sense), especially when they introduced Simon (Paul Dano), but we accept those plot holes in a summer popcorn flick.  This film seemed to have been unfairly panned by those looking to see Cruise fail, but don’t let their bias sway you.  Tom Cruise is still one of the greatest movie stars of any generation and he has ways of making an average film better than it is.  He brings that charm and charisma in full force here and that makes KNIGHT AND DAY worth the time.


Video (Widescreen 2.40:1):Very nice and clear, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have never looked better.

Audio (5.1 DTS-HD):The action sequences sound amazing and the dialogue is never tough to catch because the levels are very balanced.


Wilder Knights and Crazier Days (12:27): This is your typical making-of featurette with lots of film clips and cast and crew interviews.  I think these are required for all DVD and Blu-ray releases anymore.

Boston Days and Spanish Knights (8:12): A little featurette about all the locations in which the film was shot.  Just the right amount of time for a topic like this.

Knight and “Someday” (9:08): This is about the Black Eyed Peas song “Someday”, surprisingly Tom Cruise specifically asked them to write the song and we get to see them all backstage on their world tour.

Viral Video: Soccer (1:11): Cruise and Diaz kicking around a soccer ball and showing their many talents.

Viral Video: Kick (1:20): We see Diaz kick Tom Cruise into a table on set while practicing her martial arts parts.

Knight and Day: Story (3:48): This was a longer television promo with lots of clips, short blurbs from the starts and a full on fluff piece.

Knight and Day: Scope (3:08): See above but thankfully not has long.

Not Your Regular Spy (2:45): Another short promo piece, because there wasn’t enough on this disc.

Theatrical Trailer


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