The LEGO Movie – Everything is Awesome Edition 3D Blu-ray Review

On paper, a movie about LEGOs makes zero sense to me since the popular toy spans multiple genres and age ranges and instead of having their own identity, like say Transformers, LEGOs just take on the identity of whatever theme they’re covering. So the idea of making a movie about LEGOs felt more like a quick cash grab for the studio so they could take a lame idea, throw a popular name on it and then sit back and count their money. But they ended up hiring the perfect directing/writing duo to take on the project in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and then hired a great voice cast and the result is a very fun, clever and humorous film that’s intelligent enough for adults and safe enough for little kids.

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The world we’re operating in is quickly established as we follow Emmet (Chris Pratt) getting ready in the morning and heading off to his construction job. As he screams “everything is awesome” and sings along to the same song playing on his radio, we know we’re in for a fun trip. After work that same day, Emmet stumbles upon the “piece of resistance” and ends up in the company of Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks), who opens his eyes to a world far beyond his own. It turns out that because Emmet found the piece of resistance, he’s “the special” and only he can thwart the plan of Lord Business (Will Ferrell) by using his piece of resistance to stop the Kragel.

Chris Pratt in The LEGO Movie

The joy of the film is watching the loveable, dorky Emmet interact with superheroes, Master Builders and within different worlds while he tries to keep up. Part of this is just the structure of the story, but a lot of it is the great voice work of Chris Pratt. Pratt is on the brink of superstardom by shining in every role he’s had and Emmet is another highlight on his resume. But a lot of the comedy actually comes from Batman, voiced by the always hilarious Will Arnett. The love triangle established between Batman, Wildstyle and Emmet is the basis for a lot of laughs, which is a welcome source of comedy for an animated kids’ movie. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Charlie Day’s 80’s Spaceman, who’s never ending desire to build a spaceship had me laughing each time.

Chris Pratt in The LEGO Movie

THE LEGO MOVIE also has a lot of heart, especially in the third act. I don’t know if it’s a “spoiler” or not so I’ll avoid details, but I liked what they did with it and how they tied the story to something kids and parents can relate to. There’s a father son relationship that’s touched on briefly, but it’s very touching and made for a great way to give the film an added depth that worked well. If there’s a problem with the film, it probably comes in the third act, where things slow down for a stretch, which throws off the otherwise brisk and sometimes frantic pace.

Chris Pratt in The LEGO Movie

With cameos from Shaquille O’Neal, Superman, Gandalf, a Ninja Turtle and more, the world of THE LEGO MOVIE is infinitely large. So this is one of the few animated series that could not only last a long time, but could also get better with time. THE LEGO MOVIE was a surprise by how original and funny it turned out to be and this should be one that parents won’t groan every time their kids want to watch it again.


It pains me to say this, but the 3D version of THE LEGO MOVIE is probably the worst 3D I’ve seen in an animated film to date. While Pixar and Disney have mastered the art of 3D Blu-rays with rich, deep effects, it’s hard to even tell most of the time that you’re watching THE LEGO MOVIE in 3D. Very disappointing.


Video: The 2D version is beautiful, featuring the rich, fantastic colors you’d expect from an animated feature and a world as vast as the ones created in Legos.

Audio: The audio was just as impressive.

Commentary with Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Charlie Day and Alison Brie: I know a lot of people love finding hidden jokes in movies and if that’s your thing, you’ll enjoy the commentary as the directors point out just about all of them. With this group, you know you’re not going to get a serious commentary, so go into this looking for laughs rather than information.

Dream Job: Meet the LEGO Builders (12:58): LEGO employees and members of the film crew meet and discuss their jobs of designing and making LEGOs.

Bringing LEGO to Life (13:02): Chris Pratt narrates a behind the scenes feature that’s clearly geared towards kids.

See it! Built it! (12:01): Another kid-friendly feature that shows kids how to build certain things from the movie.

Stories from the Story Team (4:11): A very, very brief look at the making of the film.

Outtakes (3:02): We get some in-character jokes from the movie.

Fan-Made Films: Top-Secret Submissions (4:02): There was a LEGO sponsored contest for fans to submit their own films and the winners are featured here.

Miscellaneous Features (12:01): I lumped six random features together into one feature because they’re all too short to really standalone. We get a sing-along feature, a trailer for Michelangelo and Lincoln as well as a quick music video featuring Batman and a feature with the Ninjago characters.

The Everything is Awesome edition also comes with:

A 3D Emmet card

An exclusive Vitruvius figure


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