Lost: The Complete 6th Season (Blu-ray)

It should be noted that none of the reviews on Flix66 contain spoilers, but given the numerous mysteries in ‘Lost’, I find it necessary to put a spoiler warning on this review.  So if you haven’t seen the last season yet, do not read this review (or any review for that matter).

Any discussion about the 6th and final season of ‘Lost’ starts and ends with the two hour season finale.  Holding true to his promise, J.J. Abrams tied everything together in 6 seasons and fans everywhere have been debating the finale’s merit ever since.  Looking back at the series, I don’t think it would be possible to create a finale that everyone loved.  Some people wanted more answers, some people wanted less and some wanted different answers.

Matthew Fox in Lost season 6

The 6th season starts off confusingly by creating a parallel world where the Oceanic flight didn’t crash.  Each character has a different life and different problems, but the inherent issues for everyone were still the same.  I say this was confusing at first because in the first handful of episodes, it felt like we were retreading old ground and that the events on the island were either being ignored or maybe didn’t happen at all.  For a while, I was nervous that everything on the island was going to be considered a dream ala old school ‘Dallas’.  And then I was convinced the parallel world was actually the future and then the time on the island was a chance for the characters to “grow” like in an 80’s body swap movie.

Michael Emerson in Lost season 6

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case (more on that later).  But unlike other seasons that jumped right into the action, I felt the sixth season took a while to get going.  I really didn’t like the introduction of the temple and the people in the temple.  After six seasons, we didn’t need new characters introduced, especially ones that ended up dying so quickly and apparently served little to no purpose.  The focus should have remained on our heroes the entire time and there was plenty of minor mysteries who’s solving should have taken priority over setting up new characters and mysteries.

Jorge Garcia in Lost season 6

However, about halfway through the season, the show picks up and then it becomes typical “OMG LOST!” fodder.  For the last 8 episodes or so, every episode had something in it that prompted a scream or a reaction.  Looking back on the show as a whole, those every-episode cliffhangers were what really made this show incredible and the sixth season was filled with them.  Special mention should be given to the some of the death scenes, which proved to be intense and heartbreaking.

Matthew Fox in Lost season 6

As much as I liked the ending, I still have trouble focusing on anything but the numerous questions it left.  I think I understand the purpose of the island, but how they ended up in the “purgatory” alternate world is still a mystery to me.  If each character had to die on the island to make it there, it would make more sense.  But since we didn’t see the death scenes of every character, I was left questioning what happened to them back on the island.  I loved the pseudo-heaven insinuation the show suggested, but I felt it left some holes.  As for the other mysteries the show failed to solve; I didn’t really care.  I’m glad they didn’t spell everything out for us and I thought they did a great job of clearing up some of the bigger mysteries.  I don’t really care about the molecular structure of the black cloud or how Jacob’s fake mother arrived on the island.

Lost season 6

Taking the show as a whole and looking at all the six seasons, I’m in awe.  This is such a great show and I question whether we’ll ever see anything like this again.  Taking the sixth season by itself, I thought it might have been a little weaker than some of the other seasons, but the handful of great episodes made up for it and the ending was a nice wrap to a great show.


Video: TV doesn’t look better than Lost on Blu-ray.  Every episode was spectacular.

Audio: The same can be said for the audio.  Seriously, if you haven’t upgraded your DVD’s of Lost to the Blu-rays, you’re missing out.

Lost in 8:15 (8:15): Possibly the best part about the Lost sets is watching the “Lost in 8:15” recaps.  This one takes us to the beginning of the sixth season.  I want one that covers the entire series.

Commentaries on LA X, Across the Sea, Dr. Linus, Ah Aeterno with various creators and actors: All of these are great, but I recommend the Across the Sea with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  They give a wonderfully detailed commentary on the episode and even point out some of their mistakes.  It was also nice to hear Michael Emerson (Ben) talk about his episode.  These are just really good listens and if you want more lost, watch these episodes again with the commentaries.

Lost season 6

Lost University – Master’s Program: This is just too much to cover in one paragraph.  This is an insane amount of content with multiple hours of featurettes, speeches, interviews and random other segments.  Some are better than others, but after attending the Master’s Program, you’ll definitely have your fill of Lost.

New Man in Charge (11:56): This is the feature that has gotten so much press because it’s kind of like 25% of a follow-up episode.  I enjoyed this, but for those hoping to get answers or explanations for all of your questions, you won’t find it here…at least not entirely.

Crafting a Final Season (39:02): Another great feature, this time a documentary about the last season (although it really focuses on the last episode).  I loved that they involved some creators from other shows.  Some of this was a little dry, but when they started talking about the difficulty of how to end the series, it got really interesting.

A Hero’s Journey (9:03): This is more of a straight-forward “Lost in 8:15” and takes an aggregate look at the show.

Lost on Location (28:57): I found myself a little bored with this feature since I wasn’t really interested in the making of specific episodes.  Six episodes are looked at a little closer and we get some specific tidbits, but nothing earth shattering.

See You in Another Life, Brotha (8:56): Various cast members show up to talk about the alternate world they created for the sixth season.  Not much insight here, just the cast talking about it in general terms.

Deleted Scenes (10:02): Deleted scenes on TV shows are usually nothing noteworthy and these are no different.

Lost Bloopers (3:59): The bloopers were kind of fun, just to see what moments and scenes caused the actors to mess up or laugh.


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