Madonna: Truth or Dare Blu-ray Review

Madona and Warren Beatty in Truth or Dare

The year was 1991.  Madonna had just finished her fourth studio album.  She was provocative, newsworthy and in her prime.  Why not make a documentary exposing the details of the Material Girl’s first concert series around the world?  You can be nervous or you can be excited about the intimate details you will discover about this woman, but rest assured that MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE is leaving no stone unturned.

“You do realize how crazy this is, don’t you?”

Yes.  An interesting perspective uttered by Madonna’s then love interest Warren Beatty.  As he sits in the dressing room, surrounded by an entourage of makeup, hair and wardrobe people, the sunglasses-clad actor is confused and frustrated that Madonna would blatantly choose to live the next four months of her life on camera.  She giggles, pops a piece of candy in her mouth and calls him a dirty name.

 Madona in Truth or Dare

MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE is a rare glimpse into the pop icon’s busy life as she struggles day-to-day with the challenges and fatigue that accompanies a concert of epic proportions.  From the beginning, we assume that Madonna is an impatient, annoying boss who makes life difficult for everyone working around her.  Of course, this is equally magnified by arguments of “displaying my artistic right as a performer” when threatened by the Toronto police that she will be arrested if she doesn’t remove the sexually explicit parts of her show.  There was also that spitting incident in Europe.  Oops.

 Madona in Truth or Dare

But that image quickly softens a bit when the cameras continue to stick around for months two and three and her guard is clearly down.  We learn that Madonna is extremely hard working and expects nothing but the best from her staff.  Before each show, Madonna gathers the troops into a prayer circle, requesting that each is given the energy, stamina and voice they need to perform to the best of their ability.

Furthermore, Madonna herself admits to loving the dance troupe and “the girls” (fellow singers Donna DeLory and Niki Harris) as if they are her own children.  She’s a mother hen really, looking out for her little chicks.  She praises them when they feel inadequate.  She consoles them when their feelings are hurt.  She laughs when they do something stupid.  And she cherishes her time with them because they are all she has in this world.  Still, she expects greatness.  And she knows they all have the talent to deliver.

 Madona in Truth or Dare

While the concert scenes were filmed in color, the intimate moments revealing “the real Madonna” were filmed in black and white.  There were some truly sweet stories with her father and a clip capturing her visiting her mother’s grave.  Some believe these were not genuine.  I found them poignant.  I personally have no reason to believe Madonna isn’t exactly who she wants to be at all times…camera following her or not.

MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE was an entertaining walk down memory lane.  I remember the red lipstick, dark eyebrows and platinum pony tail extension.  I remember the controversy that swirled around the cone bra, the external lingerie the church-themed set designs.  It seems more like yesterday than 20 years ago.  Regardless of your opinion of the Pop Queen, it’s hard to deny that after all these years, she really does have the entertainment business figured out.


Video:  I enjoyed the contrast between the personal moments in black and white and the concert performances in color.

Audio:  The concert scenes were amazing.  She really puts on a phenomenal show and it’s evident by the crowds that she is a beloved performer.

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