My Week With Marilyn Blu-ray Review

It can be argued that Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic actresses in American cinema.  Her ability to capture an audience (both on screen and in person) was something to behold.  MY WEEK WITH MARILYN is the true story of a young third assistant director who had the privilege to spend seven days on location with the blonde bombshell, catering to her every need, while slowly discovering that this fragile woman was more than just a sex symbol.

Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne in My Week With Marilyn

Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) used persistence, ambition and gentle charm to land a position on Sir Laurence Olivier’s (Kenneth Branagh) set as he filmed THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL featuring the tantalizing Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams).  Olivier’s star arrives in England, mugging for the paparazzi with her trademark pout, “dumb blonde” remarks and new husband Arthur Miller on her arm.  The media, supporting cast and crew are anxious to begin filming and can’t wait to share tales of their idol.

Eddie Redmayne in My Week With Marilyn

Colin was often given the dutiful job to “check in” on Ms. Monroe due to her tendency to disregard schedules.  His gentle spirit and genuine concern of her well-being developed into a fast friendship among the two.  He often came to her defense when the crew or Olivier chastised her for blatant disrespect of her fellow actors.  While Marilyn worked to maintain a professional outward appearance on set, she often allowed Colin to see her vulnerable side as she lay almost comatose on the couch in her dressing room, surrounded by pills.  It was clear that Marilyn felt safe with Colin and she allowed him to explore her “true” persona one day after an escape into the country.  That’s when he truly fell in love with the woman…not the icon.

Judi Dench in My Week With Marilyn

MY WEEK WITH MARILYN is a beautifully shot film with an extremely copacetic plot.  The details surrounding the week are neither entertaining nor interesting.

Enter Michelle Williams.  She embodies Marilyn Monroe.  She completely committed to the role and it is easy to see why she was nominated for an Academy Award for her efforts.  We see her transition Marilyn from fairy tale dream woman to a defenseless girl who desires nothing more than for someone to love and protect her.  She was breathtaking to watch.

The same goes for Eddie Redmayne.  He could harness so much emotion in just a simple gaze at his siren across the room.  He was completely believable as a sweet, tender young man who was overwhelmed by his good fortune to be so close to someone so gorgeous, glamorous and lonely.

Michelle Williams in My Week With Marilyn

MY WEEK WITH MARILYN is not a film you watch because you want to work out details of the plotline over coffee afterwards.  It’s not a movie that will leave you breathless with action packed sequences.  What you will achieve is an appreciation for what it means to own a role with reckless abandon and determination.  It’s truly a sight to behold.


Video:  As I mentioned above, the sets, costumes and detail that went into recreating that week in 1956 are magnificent.

Audio:  The score that accompanies the film is beautiful.  I feel it added to the experience, especially when Marilyn showed her vulnerable side to Colin.

The Untold Story of an American Icon (19:07): This featurette goes behind the scenes of the movie, interviewing the main cast of characters.  Most of the actors praise Michelle Williams for her passion to play Marilyn Monroe.  We learn that Michelle grew up with a picture of Monroe on her wall and always wanted to play the iconic actress.  She talked about filtering down the characteristics of Marilyn Monroe that we all know to be true and how she ended up with “her” Marilyn.


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