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Foreign films can be a treat. They can take you to places you have never been. They can allow you to experience cultures to which you would never otherwise be exposed. Sometimes, seeing a foreign film is like a glimpse into a world you’ve never known. Sometimes, though, seeing a foreign film can completely baffle and confuse. Such is the case with QUICK (original Korean title Kwik), a new action/comedy thrill-ride out of South Korea.

Min-ki Lee as Han Gi-su in QUICK

QUICK tells the story, albeit very confusingly, of Han Gi-su (Min-ki Lee) and his former love Ah-rom (Ye-won Kang). Han Gi-su is a courier, carrying messages and speeding through the streets across Korea on his crotch-rocket. But, as we quickly find out, this is just his current way to pay the bills. He used to be a legendary motorcycle gangster on the streets of Korea. The interplay of his sordid past with Ah-rom and the policeman chasing him is part of the paradoxically delivered plotline that weaves through QUICK.

Quick, starring Min-ki Lee (as Han Gi-su) and Ye-won Kang (as Ah-rom)

Han Gi-su and Ah-rom have to deliver packages within a certain amount of time or else the bomb placed in their helmet will explode. This sounds a little bit like SPEED, but it is more of a mash-up action comedy like HOT SHOTS than a true action flick. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have some fun moments, including a couple of very cool shots that would feel perfectly placed in the middle of a great action movie.

Min-ki Lee and Ye-won Kang

But QUICK isn’t a great action movie. It isn’t even a very good movie in general. Some of it is probably in the translation, but when you take the time to release a movie like this shouldn’t you be careful with that piece? I mean, does anyone really say “what the heck?” anymore? How about 6 times in less than two hours? I don’t think so. But even if I’m wrong, the fact is aside from some competent (but not compelling) filmmaking, this movie just isn’t well done.

In-kwon Kim as Kim Myeong-sik

The story is contrived, too complex even for the few moments of plot they actually have. Instead of letting the action tell the story, the film calls for multiple flashbacks and scenes that are poorly intercut. Then, to piece everything together we get a double-shot of exposition right when things should be taking off. At sixty seven minutes into the film, one of the side characters (a detective) goes on a two minute monologue that essentially delivers the bulk of the film’s narrative. This isn’t okay – yet I still found myself oddly enjoying the movie. As a matter of fact I found myself re-watching the majority of it while writing this review. In general – is it very good? No. Is it fun and interesting? Yes. A view into a different world.


Video: (1080p, 2.35:1 Widescreen) The video is beautiful but there is some disconnect, perhaps culturally, with the use of CGI. I’m surprised how good some of the scenes look in QUICK, but they also look completely fake… it’s those little moments of grit, of reality, that add to a well-done CGI presentation (in my opinion) and those are missing here. Still, it’s pretty nice.

Audio: (Korean 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio) The audio for QUICK is aggressive and nicely done. The English subtitles are equally well-done and generally very easy to follow.

Trailer (02:25) The trailer is the first listed special feature on the QUICK Blu-ray. The trailer features a different villain voice but the original Korean audio with printed subtitles.

Action (17:00) Like QUICK, strange yet mesmerizing. This isn’t a great featurette by Blu-ray standards, but it is another different look into filmmaking in a very different place than where I live. Presented once again with English subtitles, this featurette focuses on the real stunts completed for QUICK’s many action scenes.

CGI (24:42) Raw footage from the film along with explanation of some of the bigger effects scenes. Interesting but nothing novel.

Making of (01:01:25) A standard, albeit extremely lengthy, feature with lots of footage from behind the scenes on QUICK. This one includes some interesting comments from cast and crew, but has none of the flash of the finished product (or our Hollywood counterparts). Quaint… but not impressive.

Poster (03:58) Behind the scenes from the poster photo shoot for QUICK. This one just doesn’t make any sense to me… really?


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