Saw 3D

Left for dead, Detective Hoffman struggles with betrayal and loose ends while another game is set in motion.  A former Jigsaw survivor (whose been cashing in on his story) is put to the test and forced to revisit the sins of his past forcing yet another unseen hand into play.

Saw 3D

Now I know Horror has strayed off the beaten path a bit over the past few years, veering into the realm of what some have decided to label the “torture porn” era with films like HOSTEL and HOSTEL 2 leading the pack and though the SAW films certainly fit the bill, I have and always will consider them to be different from all the rest.  SAW came along first and started it all (though in all fairness I firmly believe that SAW is one of SE7EN’s many illegitimate children) and though brutal, SAW was magnificent in every detail with an ending that put everyone back on their heels.  SAW 3D brings the series full circle and takes things out with a bang.  As a fan of these films (worried as I was about all these sequels), I can honestly say I was impressed with this final installment.

Sean Patrick Flannery in Saw 3D

While I’m being honest, since Jigsaw’s death at the end of SAW III, I’ve gone into the sequels thinking, “Okay, this will be the one that takes things too far,” but oddly enough I’ve never felt that way.  Don’t get me wrong though, I think it’s absolutely hilarious that Jigsaw’s been dead for the past four films yet his sphere of influence is ever growing.  What started out as one disgruntled man out to show people that life is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted has turned into a Jigsaw cult with more members than you can shake a stick at.  This is one of two things I find hard to swallow when it comes to these films.  Jigsaw was clearly brilliant, I won’t take that away from him, but these films would have us believe that the only master plan bigger than Jigsaw’s would be God’s himself and it comes across as a bit of stretch at times.

Saw 3D

My only other beef with these films are the traps.  Not to say they’re underwhelming in the least because that’s not what I’m getting at here, the traps are sinfully grotesque and efficient (I literally loved the 3D aspect of things to pieces) but I didn’t realize Jigsaw or any of his merry band were engineers for NASA.  Now back in the first SAW Jigsaw used trip wires attached to shotguns which even I could MacGyver up if need be but as time wore on these trap got more and more complex while Jigsaw himself got weaker and weaker.  I can’t see that ex-junkie chick putting these things together and as much as I like Detective Hoffman, I don’t think they taught that sort of thing at the academy.  All that aside these traps always work exactly as planned (and again, these things make assembling a computer tower chip by chip look easy) which is so contrary to life.  I would have loved to see at least one trap fail at some point for believability’s sake.

Cary Elwes in Saw 3D

SAW 3D (beyond the aforementioned nitpicking which if I don’t mention someone else will) was a devilishly good time on the big screen and the perfect way to wrap things up.  The story is top notch and as much as I want to talk about it, I just can’t without giving too much away.  There are a lot of plot points, characters (it was nice to see Sean Patrick Flanery in good form again after the disappointment that was BOONDOCK SAINTS 2) and angles that make this film shine but to discuss any of them would potentially rob this film (and you) of the glory deserved.  Suffice to say, I’m impressed with where they went this time around.  Jigsaw makes an appearance, Hoffman is still the badass we’ve grown to love and Jigsaw’s rule of punishing those who deserve it lives on.  The only thing that can ruin this film now is greed, so hopefully Hollywood lets this series one go, regardless of how much money it makes.  Don’t worry guys there’s still loads of money to be made off the box sets.


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