Some Like It Hot (Blu-ray)

Long before TOOTSIE, MRS. DOUBTFIRE and WHITE CHICKS hit the silver screen the original men in drag shtick happened in 1959 when Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon donned dresses, wigs, and rouge in the classic comedy SOME LIKE IT HOT.  Set in 1929, two musicians (Curtis and Lemmon) witness the famed Chicago St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and are on the run from the mob.  The duo decides their only hope is to escape the city by joining an all female band that is headed to Florida.  Dressed as women and upgrading their names from Joe to Josephine and Jerry to Daphne they befriend fellow band mate Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) and hilarious hijinks ensue.

Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot

After seeing this movie, it is no surprise that SOME LIKE IT HOT tops AFI’s 100 Years…100 Laughs with the number one spot. This truly funny film has it all: romance, gangsters, mistaken identity, hilarious one-liners, and slapstick. From the minute ‘Josephine’ and ‘Daphne’ make their debut at the train station, you know you’re in for a fun ride.  Curtis and Lemmon perfectly balance one another as friends on the run.  Even though they bicker amongst one another while fighting for the attention of the same girl, you can feel a real sense of camaraderie and friendship.  The difference in their female personas was great – Josephine seemed more demure and Daphne was a little more wild and flirtatious. I love how the females in the band accepted them as girls even though they were not very feminine at all!

Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

Tony Curtis as Joe/Josephine and the Shell Oil tycoon created some ‘how will he pull this off?’ moments that provided great laughs.  However, Jack Lemmon’s character had to be my favorite in the film. Allowing Jerry to become totally engrossed with his new feminine persona was a real hoot. One of the best scenes in this movie, second to the train sleeping bunk party, has to be when Jerry/Daphne announces he’s engaged to a rich millionaire named Osgood.  The exchange between Daphne and Josephine is so wonderful. I love the maracas and Daphne’s response of ‘security’ when Josephine questions ‘why would you want to marry a man?!’ Perfect delivery and such a great on-screen moment.

Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

For the role of Sugar, Marilyn Monroe plays her part flawlessly.  A ukulele player and singer in the band, she has not had the best of luck with men. She hopes to meet a millionaire to solve all problems when the musical group arrives in Florida. That is, if she doesn’t get kicked out of the band for alcohol possession during the prohibition!  The costuming seemed a bit more razzle dazzle and risqué for 1959 but through specific shadowing and camera work the audience does not see much more than Marilyn’s silhouette.  The Academy must have enjoyed the ensembles as SOME LIKE IT HOT took home the Oscar for Best Costume Design, Black and White.

Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

This is one of those great black and white pictures that manage to stand the test of time. 52 years after its initial release SOME LIKE IT HOT still delivers fun surprises and laugh out loud moments. From start to finish this film kept me engaged and entertained.


Video (1.85:1): Great Blu-ray transfer!

Audio (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1): Fantastic audio to hear all the funny lines.

Commentary: This features an interview with Tony Curtis, archived interview with Jack Lemmon and additional commentary by Paul Diamond (son of I.A.L Diamond) and screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel.

Making of Some Like It Hot (25:45): An in-depth look in to the decision making process of SOME LIKE IT HOT.  We are treated to some great stories from Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder. I love hearing about those moments that we don’t get to see on screen.

Legacy of Some Like It Hot (20:22): This feature highlights a lot of Marilyn Monroe footage and has a lot of stories about her time on/off the set.  A tribute to how this film has passed the test of time.

Some Like It Hot Documentary (31:13): This interview with Tony Curtis has a lot of the same footage we see in the Making Of and Legacy of Some Like It Hot features.  A few more stories but if you watch the first two, there is no need to watch this.

Memories (12:03): Four of the women from Sweet Sue’s band share their stories about their experience on set and working on this film. This feature has a lot of reminiscing and talking about how great Marilyn Monroe was.

Virtual Hall of Memories (21:04): Highlighted moments of Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and director Billy Wilde from this movie.  This has assorted stills, movie clips and behind the scenes moments.

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