The Other Guys (Blu-ray)

THE OTHER GUYS falls into the same pitfalls that have tripped up many of Will Ferrell’s previous comedies in that they start out with a really funny idea and then get sidetracked somewhere along the line and take a turn for the unfunny.  The idea in this case is to focus on the cops in action movies that sit in the background and do paperwork.  That’s actually a pretty good concept and those guys could be lifted from any action movie because you always have the hero duo and the duo that make jokes and then you have “the other guys”.  That’s where Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg come in.

The Other Guys

We start off on a great note as the hero cops, played up well by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson, run through town chasing bad guys.  When they return to the station, we meet Gamble and Hoitz (Ferrell and Wahlberg), who are relegated to pushing papers and applauding the antics of the hero cops.  It’s pretty obvious where this is going, so I’m not sure why we had a narrator spell everything out, but maybe director Adam McKay thought that would help set the tone.  So Gamble and Hoitz decide to investigate a wealthy investor that hadn’t paid for some permits, which turns out to be a huge scandal and they see this as their opportunity to replace the hero cops.

 The Other Guys

Once the case gets going, things get a little odd.  I wanted more comedy and less action while they were running around trying to solve the case and a lot more consistency with Hoitz.  I liked the gag that he shot Derek Jeter and that’s why he’s relegated to desk duty, but at times they made him look like a super cop and others he couldn’t spell his own name.  That said, I was extremely surprised by how well Mark Wahlberg did in a comedy role.  He had some good, funny moments and from an actor that hasn’t shown much range over the years, he did a great job.

The Other Guys

We also had some great running gags, like Hoitz’s infatuation with Gamble’s wife (Eva Mendes) and Gamble’s previous career as a pimp.   Running gags have a tendency to get old after a while, but THE OTHER GUYS did well with them and used them appropriately.  Ferrell referring to himself as “Gator” was hilarious and they probably could have done more with it than what they did.  They also had a nice running gag with Hoitz, where he learned artsy skills so he could make fun of other kids while he was in school.  I thought they were going to tie that into something, but apparently, it was exactly that.

The Other Guys

Overall, the film is more than funny enough to satisfy audiences looking for a good laugh.  If you like Will Ferrell, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s more of the same here.  And if you’re curious to know if Wahlberg can pull off comedy, rest assured that he can.  These two make a pretty decent team and even though the film dragged at times, it turned out to be a fun ride.


Video (1080p HD, 2.40:1): Nice clean transfer with little saturation and clear colors

Audio(DTS-HD 5.1): Nothing special here, everything is clear but maybe the big action scenes could have used the surround sound a little more.

Audio Commentary– This is a little different than most of your commentaries because this one is done by the mothers of the cast, specifically the moms of Adam McKay, Christopher Henchy and Will Ferrell.  This is mildly interesting but a nice change to most special features.  If you want to hear some “when they were kids..” stories then you might enjoy this.

The Other Guys

Line-O-Rama (1:48): Improvs that didn’t make the cut but are still fun to watch.

Flash Forwards (1:49): Small scenes that were cut from the film with cameos from Donald Trump and Paris Hilton.

Alternate Action (2:26): These are additional scenes with the characters played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson.

Wasn’t That?? (15:07): A feature that looks into the character of the film, this is actually interesting and not just a fluff piece.

Crash and Burn! (10:08): A stunt featurette full of behind the scenes action with a few clips here and there.

Why Are There Brits in This Movie? (6:43): This makes fun of Steve Coogan and his English ways.

Rob Riggle Likes to Party (2:35): This follows Rob Riggle (who plays Martin, one of the up and coming cops) while he discusses various topics.

We Shouldn’t Kiss Chicken (1:21): This is a weird game they played on the set-not sure why it was added.

Mark Wahlberg’s Eating Contest Entourage (3:36): This is Wahlberg interviewing one of those extreme eaters and all the junk this guy (called Nacho) eats. Ok…

Bed Bath and Way Beyond (4:07): This is a small piece on Michael Keaton.

Lendl Global Commercial (:40): This is just a commercial for the company that is featured in the film.

Extreme Close-Up (5:19): Interviews of cast and crew with the camera smushed up against their faces.

Music Video of “Pimps Don’t Cry”

Everyone Hates the DVD Guy (4:50): A short bit about how everyone dislikes the guy who films them for the DVD/BD features.

Extended & Deleted Scenes (30: 32): These are fun but are cut for pacing, they are broken down in separate segments but can all be played in one shot.

Gag Reel (6:21): Do I even have to write anything about this?



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