Thor Movie Review

The mystical realm of Asgard has known peace for many years under the leadership of King Odin.  As his two sons reach maturity, the eldest, Thor is in line for the throne but on the day of his coronation his arrogance and carelessness bring about war once again and for this, he’s banished to Earth where he must learn from his mistakes the hard way.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor

THOR was always going to be a tough jump from comic/animated film to the big screen and for this reason it’s taken this long for it happen.  Thankfully we live in a day and age where the impossible can be brought to life in wondrous detail.  First off, I have to say that THOR was a triumph to behold on so many levels (except for the 3D which was totally useless).  Asgard was gorgeous; a dead ringer to how I’d envisioned it in my head.  The rainbow bridge was cool as hell as was the gate that warped them between realms.  After watching the trailers there were those who scoffed at the costumes, saying they looked a bit too plastic and were way to clean for warriors.  I personally thought the costumes were fine, yes they did look a bit clean but hey, they’re gods for heaven sake and they were at peace so how dirty could their armor possible get anyway?

Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings in Thor

The story was hit and miss for me.  I know it’s an origin story and all but I hated the fact that we see Thor bumbling around Earth like a lost puppy for the bulk of the film.  I understand why it had to be that way and I’m not totally against it, I guess it’s just that I wanted to see him kicking ass and taking names like he was in the beginning.  Now that said I suppose that’s why the second chapter of most comic book series’ is better because the hero’s been established and we simply jump into the action so all in all I can’t complain about it because I know it had to be this way.  As for the origin story though, it fell short of some of Marvel’s other first installments, namely IRON MAN, which to me was the best origin story comic book film to date.  This one had its moments, there was comic relief, action and phenomenal effects but I did feel like the pace dragged a bit here and there.  Nothing major but it was noticeable.

Tom Hiddleston in Thor

As far as the acting was concerned Hemsworth is a fantastic Thor, he brought the God of Thunder to life in an awesome way.  Anthony Hopkins was perfect as Odin and Tom Hiddleston was also cool as Loki, though I’d have loved to see what Josh Hartnett (who was originally rumored to play the God of Mischief) would’ve brought to the table.  Natalie Portman played a good enough damsel in distress and I dug Idris Elba’s small but memorable role as Heimdall.  Another debate came in the form of Kat Dennings, whose attempts at comic relief were either funny or terrible.  To sum it up simply, she’s that one annoying friend that every girlfriend has, the one who always has something to say and has you wanting to bury her in the backyard long before the night’s over.  Oh, and I love Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, he feels like a perfect fit to me and though his cameo is brief, it’s still pretty sweet.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in Thor

THOR definitely brings the thunder when it comes to Marvel adaptions but clearly isn’t perfect.  One of the major problems this character faces is the same one that HULK and SUPERMAN (for example) face.  These characters (Thor especially because he’s a God) are larger than life and nearly impossible to kill.  At no point did I feel that Thor was in any real danger.  I mean, he could have single-handedly destroyed all those frost giants himself (who looked great by the way), and pretty much manhandled Loki as well as everyone else in his path.  I mean how the hell do you create a villain to oppose the God of Thunder?  And as far as Thor and Loki go, well, we don’t get nearly as much from them pitted against one another as we should have gotten, I personally was hoping for more in that regard.  I was also a bit disappointed as I’d heard that the Infinite Gauntlet would be in the film but if it was, I missed it.  I enjoyed the S.H.E.I.L.D boys, they’re always fun and of course like all Marvel flicks, be sure to stay tuned for an extra scene after the credits roll, you’ll be glad to you did.  I’ll be honest and say that I dug FAST FIVE just a little more than THOR but it was still a pretty good time nonetheless.  I’m anxious to see how CAPTAIN AMERICA and GREEN LANTERN fair as the summer progresses.  Hopefully this truly will be a comic book fan’s dream summer.


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