Three Amigos! (Blu-ray)

In 1916, wherever there was injustice, you would find them. Wherever there was suffering, they’d be there. Wherever liberty was threatened you would find… the ¡THREE AMIGOS!

When the small Mexican village of Santo Poco is bullied by El Guapo and his villainous group of banditos, Carmen (Patrice Martinez) heads to the city to see if she can find men that are fierce enough to stand up to the infamous El Guapo (Alfonso Arau). When Carmen goes to church to pray for help, she catches the end of a ¡THREE AMIGOS! movie believing these men are the answer to her prayers.  Little does Carmen know, the ¡THREE AMIGOS! are a trio of dimwitted, pompous movie stars who are the opposite of brave. With a telegram misunderstanding, the newly unemployed ¡THREE AMIGOS! agree to help Carmen and the people of Santo Poco by putting on a show for the notorious El Guapo.

Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short in ¡Three Amigos!

The over the top trinity of amigos includes Lucky Day (Steve Martin), Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase) and Ned Nederlander (Martin Short), working seamlessly together in the hilarious film. This picture is full of such fabulously absurd humor; it makes me feel bad for a lot of the comedies that are coming out today as they pale in comparison to the genius of Amigos. This flick holds the test of time and provides countless laughs no matter if this is the first or fiftieth viewing.

Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short in ¡Three Amigos!

 Moments like singing “My Little Buttercup” in a saloon full of rough gruff men after sipping their first taste of tequila have me squealing with delight.  During their ‘pre-show’ with three of El Guapo’s men, as the amigos ride around them on horseback, shooting guns with blank bullets in the air and shouting “Arriba!” and “ Ah Ha Ha Ha!” has to be one of  my more favorite moments.

Alfonso Arau, Tony Plana, Kai Wulff in ¡Three Amigos!

As the villain El Guapo, Arau is perfect. I love his reaction to receiving sweater as a birthday present in the desert. His maniacal, yet good natured laughter coupled with the appreciation he has for the trick the amigos play on him and his men at the end of the film makes him one great bad guy.

Steve Martin, who also co-wrote and executive produced this picture, shines. When they break into the movie studio for their amigo costumes and Martin does the “look up here” shtick I cannot help but laugh and want to mimic this moment.  From facial expressions to physical comedy, he is top notch in his performance. Martin Short is for once, subtly funny in this film. His genuine naivety makes Ned all the more amusing and appealing; I’m glad he went this route with his character. When he earnestly tells the little old lady to sew like the wind, I about fell over giggling. Getting the surprise ‘sexy’ girl at the end I love seeing Lucky and Dusty’s expressions of shock and jealousy while Ned boasts a look of smugness. Chevy Chase, who happens to be one of my all time favorite comedic actors, does not disappoint.  From his reaction to shooting the invisible man or attempting to fit into El Guapo’s group during a rescue mission (“Pruning…the hedges!”) I couldn’t be more proud of my Chevy’s take as Dusty Bottoms.

Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short in ¡Three Amigos!

From start to finish this picture is full of funny scenes and one-liners and I love that it is entertaining for the young and young at heart.   Good night Ned.


Video (1080p HD 16:9, 1.85:1): Nice Blu-ray transfer, the colors look sharp and bright.

Audio (DTS – HD Master Audio 5.1): Superb audio for all the musical numbers and gun shots.

Cast Interview ( 5:39): This interview is 25 years old and was used for a promotion for the original ¡Three Amigos! theatrical release.  Full of self-promotion, zingers and jabs at one another, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short are quite hilarious in this short interview.  A definite must watch.

Deleted Scenes (19:05): This feature includes a funny note from John Landis and written introductions to each of the four deleted scenes. There is a play all button and though they were rightly cut from the picture, they are entertaining regardless.

Cast Reunion Commemorate Booklet (¡Amigos Reunited!):  A 16-page booklet featuring the film’s cast and director reuniting and reminiscing after 25 years. Complete with a “how to” pull of that salute this booklet is a hilarious must read. Brilliant.


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