Tron: Legacy

Sam Flynn, son of tech genius Kevin Flynn who was responsible for creating the cyber world known as the grid, hasn’t seen or heard from his father in nearly twenty years until he gets word of a page that came from his father’s office at the arcade.  Sam soon discovers the secret to his father’s disappearance when he too is pulled into the grid where, with the help of his father’s mysterious protégé Quorra, father and son must fight for their lives as they make their way toward a portal that will take them home.

Tron Legacy

Knowing full well that I’d be reviewing TRON: LEGACY I tried to remember if I’d actually ever watched the original TRON, I was five when it came out and other than the fact that it was made by Disney I couldn’t remember much else.  Now usually when there’s a sequel or remake coming, the original is re-released in some capacity or as per lately, the Blu-ray makes its way onto the market.  For some reason, Disney dropped the ball here as neither of those things happened.  What’s worse is that I couldn’t find TRON in any video store to rent or buy so as much as I hate to say it, I had to download it.  TRON was pretty much what I figured it would be and certainly made me appreciate the visual awesomeness that was TRON: LEGACY.

Tron Legacy

Some critics are stomping the storyline in the circuits pretty hard which I don’t really get.  I’m not gonna sit here and try to defend the integrity or creativity film’s past decade but it seems to me that most critics want movies to fail these days, so much so that they jump all over any negative slant they can find without stopping to appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that go into making these films.  There’s no denying that TRON: LEGACY is a film to be proud of.  Visually there are few flicks that could hold a candle to it, conceptually there’s enough machismo to keep just about anyone’s eyes glued to the screen and talent-wise, well, the cast can’t get much better than this.  Oh, and the door joke making a second appearance was priceless.


After watching the original and then coming back to the trailer I was confused by the fact that Flynn had a son and was trapped in the grid (as he escaped in the first one and lived by himself) but thankfully all this is explained right away.  I didn’t have a problem with where the story went, there have been various comparisons but there always are if you look hard enough.  The story was original enough and built upon the TRON universe in what I consider to be a smart way.  Another point I’ve heard bounced around was the special effect driven Clu.  So yes, you can obviously tell he’s computer generated but who cares?  The glass half full approach would be to nod your head and raise your glass in approval to celebrate just how far we’ve come in that regard because bottom line it’s a cool trick and something we’ve been dreaming about doing for years.

Tron Legacy

TRON: LEGACY is a wonder to behold in 3D and the perfect popcorn flick for the holidays.  The lavish color scheme inside the grid, the vivid textures and fluid patterns of the bikes, the disintegration of the programs as they battled in game; each and every detail are sheer brilliance to behold.  The score is also something to celebrate here; from the eighties tunes down to the techno, it was all invigorating and the perfect fit.  I’ve had my eye on Garrett Hedlund for awhile and knew he’d do well in the lead, the guy’s got mad talent and it shows.  Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde were just as good but Michael Sheen took the cake for me with his off the wall persona.  It was also very cool seeing Bruce Boxleitner again and a brief cameo from Cillian Murphy (I get the impression he’ll be back for more).  So if you need a break from shopping look no further because with TRON: LEGACY Christmas came early.


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