You Again

Life is finally coming together for Marni, she just got a fantastic promotion at work and now she’s flying home for her brother’s wedding to finally meet his fiancee  and spend some quality time with her family.  But suddenly all those painful years of High School torture come flooding back as she realizes her brother is about to marry the one girl who single-handedly made her life a living hell.

Kristen Bell and Odette Yustman in You Again

Well, seeing as how this is dumps time in Hollywood right now (the time of year they start throwing out all the under the radar gamble flicks), I didn’t head to the theater will tremendous expectations from YOU AGAIN.  That said, I love the concept and tried for a moment to envision my sister marrying some fool I couldn’t stand back in the day.  Sure, I wasn’t exactly picked on like poor Marni was but there are many a dude I’d still hate to welcome into my family so I figured this one would be fun.  To be perfectly honest, I was expecting more of a BRIDE WARS type of comedy (which I enjoyed) but instead ended up with MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING which was watchable but nothing special.

Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis in You Again

The story had this baby primed and set up to soar but the pace was a real problem.  Though this film appeared to be a comedy based upon all out female warfare, the guns never really came out.  There was a warning flare every now and again but the white flag was flying high most of the time.  The emotional game was bang on here but most of the comedic approaches were drawn out and quickly became awkward and even annoying.  The wedding planner was cringe worthy as was the abundance of dance numbers.  And on that note, I’ve been with my girl for about seven years and we’re engaged but if she or I decided to drop a rap/dance mix episode at our wedding to the tune of “Jump” by Kris Kross, one of us wouldn’t be making it out of that room alive.

Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis in You Again

I was happy to see Odette Yustman continue her career past THE UNBORN.  I dug that flick but at the time I couldn’t help but wonder if she was chosen for the role because of her resemblance to Megan Fox and because so many up and coming beautiful women come and go in Hollywood there was a good chance we might not ever see her again.  Well, she looked fantastic and stole the show.  I loved seeing Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis here as well but couldn’t help feeling that Kristen Bell could do better.  She’s worked so hard and come so far but I felt disappointed here.  I loved The Rock’s cameo though as well as Betty White’s flamboyant charm (she also managed to land the best line in the film).

Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis in You Again

YOU AGAIN wasn’t a bad film but it was rental fodder, nothing more.  I didn’t get the all-out battle royal I was hoping for from these ladies but this film sported a solid message and worthy themes to back it up.  There’s something here for just about everyone to relate to on some level and that’s exactly what I believe they were going for in the end.  Speaking of the end, it was a riot thanks to Betty White, she’s such a welcome addition to movies like these.  This flick may have flown a bit tighter with fifteen to twenty minutes shaved off the runtime but hey, I guess you can’t rush a wedding.  Either way, there’s no rush to catch this one.


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