Natalie Portman, James Franco, Danny McBride and Your Highness coming to Blu-ray

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Universal Studios has announced that the fantasy comedy YOUR HIGHNESS, directed by David Gordon Green and starring Academy Award winner Natalie Portman, Academy Award nominee James Franco, Danny McBride and Zooey Deschanel, will be released on Blu-ray August 9, 2011. The film follows Prince Fabious (Franco) who is on a quest to rescue his bride from an evil wizard. Sadly, he’s being accompanied by his lazy and useless brother Thadeous (McBride). Along the way they run into a tough woman (Portman) who helps them on their quest. The film opened up in April but only grossed around $21 million which is not so great for a comedy, especially a comedy that stars two recent Oscar nominees (and one winner).

Right now there aren’t any details regarding special features for the film, however previous interviews with the director have revealed that there will be additional scenes (maybe added into the movie) as well as a making-of documentary. Although nothing is confirmed quite yet so just keep an eye out.

Your Highness Blu-ray

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