Natalie Portman not too happy about Patty Jenkins being fired from Thor 2

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Just yesterday, I revealed that Alan Taylor was a possible candidate for helming THOR 2 after the departure of Patty Jenkins. Now it looks like things were a little less than amicable.

Turns out that Jenkins was actually fired from the job without any sort of warning over those creative differences. I guess the differences were too much for Marvel Studios. To make matters worse, producer and star on the film, Natalie Portman is furious that Jenkins was fired and that she had to find out over the internet like everyone else. To begin with, Portman didn’t really even want to come back to the world of acting for awhile since she recently had her first baby. But she is contractually obligated to return to the sequel as Jane Foster.

Now Marvel is working with Portman to come to an agreement over who they choose next. No word was said on replacing Jenkins with Taylor.

Natalie Portman

Source: THR

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