Never Back Down's Sean Faris will play Clyde in The Story of Bonnie & Clyde

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I’m currently in the category of not caring when it comes to this tween retelling of Bonnie and Clyde. So much so that I really thought it was over after Hilary Duff had to drop out due to her impending pregnancy.

Sean Faris from NEVER BACK DOWN and a small role on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will take on the role of Clyde in THE STORY OF BONNIE & CLYDE. I have never seen an episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES nor do I have any interest in NEVER BACK DOWN so I can’t say I’ve ever seen this guy in anything. The part of Bonnie was recently given to Lindsay Pulsipher from TRUE BLOOD. That’s some casting I can get behind. I think she’ll really be great in the part.

This new telling is supposed to go into the areas of Bonnie and Clyde’s life that have not been explored. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. No word on when filming will begin.

Sean Faris

Source: Variety

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