New images of Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern remind us why we're skeptical

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Believe it or not, I try to have a positive outlook on upcoming movies and give every thing the benefit of the doubt.  But need I remind you that DC comic book movies have a long and inconsistent history with Warner Brothers.  Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have made everyone forget about SUPERMAN III and IV, BATMAN FOREVER and of course, BATMAN AND ROBIN.  We’ve also had the short lived ‘Flash’ TV show and the embarrassingly bad return to television for Wonder Woman (at least, if we’re to judge based on initial images).  So it’s with a very cautious optimism that we welcome GREEN LANTERN.

The marketing wizards at WB and DC are doing everything they can to screw this up.  The first trailer was horrible, the posters are below average and most of the stills from the film have been uninteresting.  But then we got an awesome 4-minute GREEN LANTERN trailer and all was forgiven…until now.  Take a look at the below images and it’s easy to see why most fanboys were/are skeptical.  They just look…odd.  Hal Jordan holding an alien machine gun doesn’t look right at all.  The Martin Campbell directed film hits theaters on June 17th and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong.

Ran Reynolds in Green Lantern

Ran Reynolds in Green Lantern

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