New photo of Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hammond in Green Lantern

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Way back in June we posted a picture of Peter Sarsgaard in neck up make-up as Dr. Hector Hammond. Now pictures are slowly cropping up of Dr. Hammond in full get up (see below).  In case you missed it, last week a new trailer for GREEN LANTERN popped up minus the villain Dr. Hammond and just shots of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris.  If you’re not familiar with the comics, Dr. Hammond is a super genius who grew a huge brain after being exposed to meteor fragments and he has the powers of super intellect, telekinesis and mind control.  GREEN LANTERN is set to hit theaters June 17, 2011.

There has been a lot of backlash with the release of the last trailer and all the fans are groaning at how Reynolds looks as the Green Lantern.  I think the film looks kinda cheesy but not nearly as bad as everyone has made it out to be. Maybe with this new photo of Dr. Hammond some faith will be restored to the fanboys?

Dr. Hammond

Source: The Playlist

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