Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone in La La Land

Can anything beat La La Land in the Best Picture Race? The 2017 Oscar Breakdown for Picture and Director

February 23, 2017
Nathan Swank

In probably the most predictable Best Picture race in years, does anyone think LA LA LAND will lose the two major categories of Best Picture and Director? While there is ...

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Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land

Does La La Land make it a clean sweep? Oscar Predictions for the 2017 Academy Awards

February 22, 2017
Nathan Swank

Many people watch the Oscars for the more flashy categories like acting and picture.  My favorite categories have always been the other fifteen unsung heroes.  I truly ...

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2017 Best Actor Race

Denzel Washington, Casey Affleck or Ryan Gosling? The 2017 Oscar Predictions for Acting

February 21, 2017
Nathan Swank

Usually we have a pretty good idea who will win the Academy Award for the four acting categories.  But more often than not there is a slight surprise in one of the categ...

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Weekend box office The Great Wall

Weekend box office: The Great Wall can’t beat The LEGO Batman Movie

February 19, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

I think the hard thing for American audiences to understand when it comes to Matt Damon’s THE GREAT WALL is that it wasn’t made for you.  It was made for the...

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Weekend box office The Lego Batman Movie

Weekend box office: Lego Batman, Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick all battle for the top spot

February 12, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

It looks like releasing three big time movies in one shot was a nice boost to the weekend box office numbers.  As expected, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE lead the way with over ...

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Weekend box office The Space Between Us

Weekend box office: The Space Between Us and Rings struggle

February 5, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

It was a rough time at the weekend box office, but during this time of year, especially on Super Bowl weekend, I don’t think anyone cares.  No one is going to do a...

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Weekend box office A Dogs Purpose

Weekend box office: A Dog’s Purpose and Resident Evil can’t beat Split

January 29, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

One weekend at number one was a big deal for M. Night Shyamalan, but two weekends in a row atop the weekend box office is quite the accomplishment for someone we all thou...

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Weekend box office Split

Weekend box office: Split surprises and easily beats XXX

January 22, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

It’s not often I’m surprised by any movie at the weekend box office, but M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, SPLIT managed to do just that.  The James Mc...

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Logan Trailer

Wolverine gets a new ally in the final Logan trailer

January 19, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

I know it’s hard not to get excited anytime you see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but I fear fanboys are putting a lot of pressure on LOGAN.  The excitement around th...

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Weekend box office Hidden Figures

Weekend box office: Hidden Figures is on top while Rogue One finally falls

January 15, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

This always seems to be the time of year where pundits start questioning what’s going wrong at the weekend box office.  But it makes sense that movies would strugg...

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