weekend box office coco

Weekend box office: Coco stays strong

December 3, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally a wasted weekend for Hollywood and I’ve never understood why.  Like most years, there was no wide studio release th...

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Weekend box office Coco

Weekend box office: Coco wins the Thanksgiving weekend

November 26, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

COCO taking the top spot at the weekend box office shouldn’t be much of a surprise given Pixar’s track record, but JUSTICE LEAGUE coming in a close second sho...

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Weekend box office Justice League

Weekend box office: Justice League struggles to hit $100 million

November 19, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

There’s a singular moment when virtually everyone knew that JUSTICE LEAGUE (click the link to read our review) was going to be a failure.  That moment came when th...

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Weekend box office Daddys Home 2

Weekend box office: Daddy’s Home 2 and Murder on the Orient Express battle for 2nd place

November 12, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

I had to look up how much DADDY’S HOME made on it’s opening weekend and I was surprised to see it pulled in $38 million.  So learning that DADDY’S HOME...

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Weekend box office Thor Ragnarok

Weekend box office: Thor: Ragnarok hammers past A Bad Mom’s Christmas

November 5, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

There was never any question which movie was going to take the top spot at the weekend box office.  With one of the best trailers in recent memory and plenty of positive...

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Weekend box office Jigsaw

Weekend box office: Jigsaw wins due to lack of competition

October 29, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

Horror films usually have a clear path to box office success, but this is a strange weekend due to the fact that there are actually four horror movies in the top ten this...

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2017 Top Ten List

10 Movies still to look forward to in 2017

October 27, 2017
Nathan Swank

I’m already pleased with 2017.  Despite bad summer sales and some truly awful summer movies, the year has already produced some genuinely great films with BABY DRIVER,...

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Weekend box office Happy Death Day

Weekend box office: Happy Death Day beats out Blade Runner and The Foreigner

October 15, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

The weekend box office news shouldn’t be another depressing sign of the times, but given that the b-movie-esque HAPPY DEATH DAY managed to double the take of the gr...

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Weekend box office Blade Runner 2049

Weekend box office: Blade Runner 2049 takes the top spot

October 8, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

Sometimes reporting the weekend box office news is depressing and today is one of those days.  It’s so frustrating that a movie as original and as beautiful as BLA...

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Weekend box office American Made

Weekend box office: American Made, The Kingsman and It all battle for the top spot

October 1, 2017
Brad Sturdivant

Tom Cruise’s latest effort, AMERICAN MADE (click the link to read our review), has gotten great reviews, but those reviews haven’t translated into box office ...

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