Nicholas Hoult will be a zombie in Warm Bodies

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Shortly after landing the lead in JACK THE GIANT KILLER, Nicholas Hoult has landed another coveted role in the film WARM BODIES. The film will be adapted from the novel by Isaac Marion about a zombie who ends up becoming buddies of the girlfriend of one of his victims. The relationship makes the zombie question his purpose and he begins to change, a change that may spread to the rest of the zombie population and change the world they live in. WARM BODIES will be directed by Jonathan Levine and will start shooting after Hoult finishes up his obligations for JACK THE GIANT KILLER.

This film is being distributed by Summit Entertainment, I have to give them credit for capitalizing on all these teenage genre films better than anyone. Good chance they’ll be living off the proceeds of the TWILIGHT franchise for many, many years to come. Too bad they are stuck in the rut of adapting young adult novels, but I guess everyone needs a niche.

Nicholas Hoult in Mad Max: Fury Road

Source: Deadline

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