Nick Frost and Rashida Jones star in the first Cuban Fury trailer

Nick Frost in Cuban Fury

Although Simon Pegg gets all the credit in the Cornetto trilogy, I always felt that Nick Frost was the source of more laughs. But can he carry a movie on his own? I’m not so sure, but we’re going to find out next year when he moves and grooves his way through CUBAN FURY. In the film, Frost plays an a former Salsa dancing prodigy who has long since stopped dancing and turned into an overweight, average guy. When a new, Salsa dancing loving, American girl (Rashida Jones) joins his office, he develops a crush on her and decides to get back in the game in hopes of dancing his way into her heart.

The trailer feels a little forced, which usually means doom for a comedy, but I like the cast and the general idea, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Ian McShane also stars in the film as the guy who teaches him to dance and Chris O’Dowd as the bad guy in the office. The James Griffiths directed film hits UK theaters on February 14th, but doesn’t have a US release date yet.

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