Nicole Kidman making an appointment with The Wedding Doctor

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I have nothing against Nicole Kidman or her choices in film.  In fact, I would say I respect her hankering for indie films and her reluctance to do romantic comedies or big budget films (at least exclusively).  So I’m a little surprised that she’s looking to do the romantic comedy THE WEDDING DOCTOR, especially right after she agreed to do a part in Adam Sandler’s next film.  In the film, Kidman is a relationship analyst that gives pre-marital advice to couples.  Comedy ensues when she decides she’s a better fit for the groom of her latest couple.

This is being described as HITCH for women, but judging by the synopsis, I think most of the film is going to focus on the “fight” between Kidman’s doctor and the soon to be bride.  That would make this a three-movie-star film and I’m not sure who they’re going to get to star opposite Kidman in this kind of role.  I don’t want to be mean, but Kidman isn’t a spring chicken anymore and so the couple will have to be at least as old as her.

Nicole Kidman

Source: NY Mag

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