Nicole Kidman shines in the first Grace of Monaco trailer

Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco

Now that Oscar season is slowly creeping up on us, we’re starting to get all of the trailers for the awards hopeful.  Next up is GRACE OF MONACO, where Nicole Kidman stars as Grace Kelly in the biopic.  This teaser trailer doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but it sets it up as an epic love story with a political backdrop.  Unfortunately, it’s filled with music and a voiceover, so we can’t critique any of the performances, but it should be enough to peak your interest.  GRACE OF MONACO stars Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella, Paz Vega, Parker Posey, Milo Ventimiglia, Derek Jacobi and Robert Lindsay.  The Olivier Dahan directed film hits theaters in a limited release on November 27th.

GRACE OF MONACO official synopsis: Grace Kelly, age 33 and having given up her acting career to focus on being a full time princess, uses her political maneuvering behind the scenes to save Monaco while French Leader Charles de Gaulle and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III are at odds over the principality’s standing as a tax haven.

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