No Good Deed Blu-ray Review

When we first meet Colin Evans (Elba) we are joining him as he makes his way through the courts system. Charged with manslaughter for killing a man who looked at his wife the wrong way, Evans has also been suspected of the brutal murders of several women. However, unable to prove their case, the prosecution pushes for the manslaughter conviction and he is sentenced to 15 years. As he makes his plea to the appeals board after 5 years he seems sincere in his apologies and his plans. However, a member of the board is not fooled and points out all the reasons why. See you in another 5 years pal! On his way back to the prison Evans manages to seize a weapon and escape. While on the lam he has an accident during a bad storm and walks his way away from the scene and to the first house with lights he sees. Ringing the bell he convinces Terry (Henson) to let him call for a tow truck. Taking pity on the dripping stranger on her porch Terry invites Colin in. Sadly this good deed will not go unpunished.

No Good Deed

A rather conventional thriller that would have made an entertaining Lifetime movie, NO GOOD DEED is a convoluted series of plot twists held together by two solid performances. According to the infamous leaked SONY emails, the studio has a sincere interest in having Idris Elba play James Bond one day. Based on his work here I would welcome the choice. Colin is smooth and suave when he needs to be and but also tough and brutal when the situation calls for it. Elba succeeds in keeping all of these emotions hidden, making the character a puzzle to the viewers. Did he stumble on to Terry’s house by accident? Is there something growing between he and the married woman? What about that tow truck? Henson also does well, though she must endure the stereotypical “wife feeling unloved” scenes, which include constantly checking her hair in the mirror and sneaking glances at Colin as he changes his clothes. Throw in a flirty girlfriend who makes it clear in about 30 seconds that she is willing to sleep with Colin and you have all the makings of a cable film gone wrong. Eventually things become clear to Terry and now the film turns into a rag-tag battle between her and Terry. Here is where Colin becomes Michael Myers. No matter how many times he is bludgeoned, stabbed, thrown down the stairs…you name it, it happens, he keeps the upper hand. Things don’t get any better when Colin, who obviously has problems with women, learns that Terry used to be a prosecutor who specialized in crimes against women. Referring to the men that batter women as “cowards” and worse, you can see where things are going to go bad quickly.

No Good Deed

Technically, the film works well. The direction is well paced and, as I mentioned above, the performances are solid. I would love to see these two performers together again with a much better script to lend their talents too.


Video: Presented in a 2:40.1 aspect ratio, this is one of the best transfers I’ve seen in some time. If all Blu-rays looked like this what a wonderful world it would be!

Audio: Presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 the sound is sharp and well mixed. The disc also come with a Spanish and French audio option.

No Good Deed

Making a Thriller (12:20): Cast and crew discuss their characters, the story and the fact that everyone loves Idris Elba!

The Thrill of a Good Fight (6:10): As mentioned in the review, the stars endure some serious knock down/drag out battles. Here is how they did it.

Good Samaritan (4:30): The cast talk about their need to make on-screen actions realistic in the hopes of gaining the audience’s trust.



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