Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell star in the first Dead Man Down trailer

Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell star in Dead Man Down

When it comes to trailers, sometimes the perfect use of a song can make the movie seem a lot better than what you would otherwise think.  Such is the case with the use of the song ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Kendra Morris (originally a Pink Floyd song) in the first DEAD MAN DOWN trailer.  The movie kind of feels like a standard, dramatic thriller, but I really liked the way that song was used.  The film is about a mob guy (Colin Farrell) that gets seduced by a woman (Noomi Rapace) that asks him to kill someone for her.  Obviously, things don’t go well and the two find themselves in trouble pretty quickly.

DEAD MAN DOWN stars Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Terrence Howard, Dominic Cooper, Armand Assante and Isabelle Huppert.  The film is directed by Niels Arden Oplev, who directed the original THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which also starred Noomi Rapace.  DEAD MAN DOWN will hit theaters on March 8th, 2013.  Right now, the trailer isn’t available in HD, but I’ll update it as soon as one is available.

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