Noomi Rapace to star in Swedish boxing film for Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Catherine Hardwicke (TWILIGHT, RED RIDING HOOD) is set to take on a different, non-goth theme with her next film.  The director will tackle the Swedish boxing legend Bo “Bosse” Högberg, who famously won the title in 1966, only to lose it a few weeks later.  The guy is a legend in Sweden, coming from blue-collar roots and even fighting a bout with a broken jaw.  Another Swedish legend (kind of), Noomi Rapace, is set to star as the boxer’s wife, Anita Lindblom.  Lindblom was a singer at the time and is credited for helping Högberg overcome his penchant for alcohol.  Interesting enough, Rapace’s ex-husband, Ola Rapace, will play Bo.  Supposedly, Ola has been training for almost four years to prepare for the role.

This news has me completely torn.  On one hand, I’m a huge fan of Noomi Rapace and I’m excited to see her take on a challenging role like this.  I’m even interested in the subject matter.  But on the other hand, Hardwicke has turned me off with her goth-y, poorly made films of late and I have little to no confidence she can handle the subject matter.  But who knows, maybe she’ll surprise me.  Filming is set to begin this fall.

Noomi Rapace

Source: ThompsonOnHollywood

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