Olivia Munn gets to star for Broken Lizard in The Babymakers

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Starting from geek roots on G4, Olivia Munn has moved up quite quickly in the Hollywood chain. Love her or leave her, Munn is still getting parts despite her recent series, PERFECT COUPLES getting the axe after one season.

Ever since a maple syrup chugging contest with the Broken Lizard clan on ATTACK OF THE SHOW, Munn has been moving up in their ranks. First she had a small part in SLAMMIN’ SALMON and now she has a starring role in THE BABYMAKERS. Munn will co-star with Paul Schneider (LARS AND THE REAL GIRL) who will play her husband and partner in weirdo crime. The comedy follows a married couple who can’t conceive, prompting the husband (Schneider) to enlist his friends’ help to rob a sperm bank where he made a deposit as a young man. Jay Chandrasekhar will direct the film and fellow Lizard Kevin Heffernan will also star with the rest of the clan soon to follow.

The film will begin shooting after Munn wraps an HBO pilot from Aaron Sorkin titled, MORE AS THE STORY DEVELOPS.

Olivia Munn

Source: Variety

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