Olivia Wilde joins Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks in Welcome to People

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Olivia Wilde has been one of the most talked about actresses of late with her turn in TRON: LEGACY and upcoming COWBOYS AND ALIENS, and now she is set to join Chris Pine (STAR TREK) and Elizabeth Banks in the family drama WELCOME TO PEOPLE.  WELCOME TO PEOPLE follows a young businessman (Chris Pine) who returns to his home after his fathers death only to discover that he also has an alcoholic sister (Banks) and nephew.  Olivia Wilde is set to play Pine’s girlfriend. WELCOME TO PEOPLE will be directed by Alex Kurtzman who also co-wrote the script.  No word on when production will begin.

Even though Olivia Wilde is this up and coming actress, I have to admit that so far the only film I’ve seen her in is YEAR ONE.  And quite frankly, that film was so terrible I had a tough time sitting through the short 97 minutes it was on screen. I’m going to try to block this out when watching her upcoming films.

Olivia Wilde

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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