Orlando Bloom and Greta Gerwig will team up for Lola Versus

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Orlando Bloom seems to be slowly making his way back into Hollywood films and one of the steps he’s taking is teaming up with current indie sweetheart Greta Gerwig for an indie romantic comedy called LOLA VERSUS. The film will be directed by Daryl Wein and follows a woman who is dumped by her fianc√© (who we’re assuming will be played by Bloom) shortly before her wedding day. To cope with the sadness and stress, she goes on a journey of self-discovery to find her place in the world as a single gal before she turns the big 3-0.¬† Sounds interesting, don’t you think? Shooting is scheduled to start in June with a release most likely to come in 2012.

Let’s get back to Mr. Bloom for a second. Although I saw potential in him during the LORD OF THE RINGS days and even in TROY (which I liked and I don’t care who knows it), upon re-watching the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise I realized that he’s a bit of a flat actor. Great at stunts, but not so much at line delivery. Hopefully with all of his down time he was able to regroup and will come back strong this go around, because he really does have some screen presence.

Orlando Bloom and Greta Gerwig

Source: Variety

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