Orlando Bloom is definitely returning to Middle Earth in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Surely no one is surprised by this news, but since it is now confirmed I must report that Orlando Bloom, who played the ridiculously attractive elf Legolas in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, will indeed be reprising the role in THE HOBBIT. Of course we don’t yet know to what capacity Legolas will be featured in the film, but he will be there in some form. THE HOBBIT is currently in production and shooting in New Zealand and the first part is set to hit theaters December 2012.

I’m feeling fairly confident that all casting has now been announced or confirmed for this film so we should start seeing more production photos and videos from Mr. Jackson rolling in pretty steadily over the next year or so. That is one good thing about Peter Jackson, he knows how to keep his fans interests piqued.

Orlando Bloom as Legolas

Source: Facebook

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