Orlando Bloom to star in The Laureate

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Orlando Bloom, Imogen Poots and Kerry Condon will star in the upcoming period drama THE LAUREATE from director William Nunez. The film will be about Robert Graves (Bloom) his wife Nancy Nicholson (Condon) and Laura Riding (Poots) and their love triangle that spanned years until Graves starts to favor Riding over his wife. The film is being produced by Media 8 and right now they don’t have any financing so we don’t know when filming began.

I suppose it’s nice to see Orlando Bloom back in action but I have to be honest in saying that I didn’t really miss him all that much. He was whiny in TROY, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN was just too over the top and sadly ELIZABETHTOWN didn’t really give him the boost that everyone expected. He was good in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films, but  he was so out-acted by Johnny Depp sometimes I forget that he was even in it. 2011 may be the resurgence of Orlando Bloom with THE THREE MUSKETEERS and a potential role in THE HOBBIT.  Thank goodness he has his Legolas character to fall back on.

Orlando Bloom

Source: Screen Daily

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