Oscar Wrap-up; The Hurt Locker didn't deserve Best Picture, Sandra Bullock is great

By: Nathan Swank

Well the Academy Awards are over and I found myself crying in the corner on Monday, which was just about the only prediction I got right.  I’ve decided to gather myself together and vent out my frustrations with a little bit of love as well.

Firstly, I’m gonna tackle the big issue which will probably alienate more than half the readers.  I’m talking about the vastly overrated THE HURT LOCKER.  I feel very alone in my view of thinking this movie was just OK.  I know a few of us here at Flix66 didn’t feel the impact of this film that everyone else did.  So let me ask you this, is THE HURT LOCKER better than a few of these films: BLACK HAWK DOWN, THE THIN RED LINE, THREE KINGS, GLORY, FULL METAL JACKET, DAS BOOT, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and APOCALYPSE NOW?  Let me tell you a little secret, none of these movies won Best Picture.   Most of these didn’t deserve to win except maybe SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and APOCALYPSE NOW but I do think all are better war films than THE HURT LOCKER.  THL also won 6 awards Sunday night.  These are a just a few Best Picture winners that THL won more Oscars than: BRAVEHEART, CASABLANCA, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, GLADIATOR, and THE GODFATHER.  Trust me, I could continue on.  Now lets fast forward ten years from now and look back at this year’s films and decide what movie people will still be remembering and influenced by.  Exactly.  Hurt what?  I’m not taking anything away from Katherine Bigelow being the first female director to win the award.  I congratulate her on the great achievement.  Plus everyone is a little annoyed at James Cameron’s public speaking ability, but I can name 6 films that were nominated for best picture that were better with a more lasting impression than THL.  If we had our normal 5 it would be all of them.  I don’t always agree with the top winner.  I understand that my favorite can’t always win, it rarely does but not since A BEAUTIFUL MIND won in 2001 have I felt the Academy and public alike have got it so wrong.  Think about how many still talk or care about that film.  Now how many talk about the loser films THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING or MOULIN ROUGE?  Exactly.  I could keep my statistics going but realize I probably just sound like a whiney baby so I will shut up and move on.

Kathryn Bigelow

Here are a few highlights, lowlights and questions that popped up during the telecast.

The night kicked off in a great fashion with the always entertaining, Neil Patrick Harris singing the opening number.  Seriously, can he get a full time gig hosting all awards show?  NPH makes everything infinitely better.

Our two hosts have a musical lead in as they angelically descend from the rafters.  Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, I thought did a fantastic job, if only they could have been given a little more time toward the end of the evening.  Martin: “Precious and I have something in common, we both grew up a poor black child.”

Supporting Actor goes to the best performance of the year, Christoph Waltz in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.  He wins classiest speech as well.

Martin: “There’s that damn Helen Mirren”.  Baldwin: “That’s Dame, Dame Helen Mirren.”  These types of jokes continue on and I love every minute of it.

Original Screenplay goes to THE HURT LOCKER and not INGLOURIOUS BASTERS or any of the other nominees.  I realize then it’s going to be a long night of THL winning and unhappiness ensues.  Explain to me what this screenplay consisted of other than a soldier diffusing bombs.  I respect that soldier’s job but the film did not technically tell a story.  Side note:  THL is being sued by a soldier who claims the story is about him.

Best Costume winner, Sandy Powell for YOUNG VICTORIA, struts up, brags how it’s her third award and seems put off that she has to carry this thing around.

MoNique wins Supporting Actress and ruins all the goodwill she has garnered by basically saying if anyone else had won, it would have been political and undeserved.  Wow, that was one of the rudest things I’ve ever heard anyone say at the Academy Awards.  I want to personally slap all other nominees in this category in the face.

Ben Stiller in full on AVATAR makeup.  He has no shame and I am thankful.  Yay, STAR TREK wins that award.

Best Documentary Short director gets interrupted by the producer of the same film during speech.  Apparently they didn’t get along.  It was definitely awkward but they were on the same team.  That’s a new one.

What was the deal with George Clooney and his grumpy faces?

My personal favorite moment was a video consisting of a night camera set up a la PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, catching what the two hosts do while they sleep together.  I was cry laughing during the entire scene, topping it off with Martin staring over Baldwin and ending with a slap to the face.  Good times.

The constant ribbing on Meryl Streep.  She is the best in every sense of the word

The Dude, Jeff Bridges, finally wins an Oscar.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock wins Best Actress, and although I still don’t think her performance warranted the award or nomination her humility, wit and charm during her acceptance speech won me over.  Bravo Sandy.

Katherine Bigelow is the first female to win Best Director award

Finally THL wins picture, the event that causes my rant at the start of this article.  I cry alone.

Irony= I usually hate the blockbuster film that wins and root for the small town favorite that loses.  This year the opposite happens.

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