Our prayers have been answered; Sony is making a live-action, CGI ALF movie with Paul Fusco returning


Yes, the title is written with tongue firmly in cheek, but at a tad over 30 years-old, I was the perfect age when A.L.F. was on TV (1986-1990).  I was young enough to still find the furry alien cute and loveable, but I was old enough to get his jokes and find them funny.  The obsession with A.L.F. wore off, but there’s always been a soft spot in my heart for the lost alien from Melmac.  So although there’s absolutely no reason to bring him back, especially in movie form, I can’t help but crack a tiny smile at the news that Sony has decided to move forward with an A.L.F. movie and have even signed on the show’s original creators, Tom Patchet and Paul Fusco.  Fusco will even voice ALF, like he did in the original show.  Of course, it has been over 20 years since we last saw ALF in action (not counting some forgettable TV movies) and instead of bringing him back in puppet form, Sony is going the SMURFS route and is going to have a CGI-live action hybrid, with the orange alien being CGI.

Of course, if you’re ALF obsessed, then you know Paul Fusco has talked about an ALF movie before.  It was long ago that he made the grand proclamation that ALF would be headed to the big screen, but at the time, no studio was attached and nothing was certain.  My guess is that the obnoxious success of TED over at Fox has pushed Sony to go back to the original wise-cracking puppet to see if America still loves the little guy that ruled pop culture for a couple of years two decades ago.  I’m more interested to see how much of the original story they’ll keep (will other Melmacians make an appearance?) along with who from the original cast they can convince to do cameos in the movie.  (THR)

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