Overdrive Blu-ray Review

A movie like OVERDRIVE shouldn’t be taken seriously, ever. In different planes of existence, where FAST AND THE FURIOUS films are fine art and CITIZEN KANE is considered trash, OVERDRIVE is still car porn schlock. For those looking for something under the hood, they’re going to find little substance and little adrenaline in OVERDRIVE’s action sequences. But I’ve watched a few of these midnight action films meant for cheaply entertained audiences, so I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed.

Scott Eastwood, Freddie Thorp, Ana De Armas in Overdrive

OVERDRIVE is part heist and part chase. Half-brothers, Andrew (Eastwood) and Garrett (Throp) steal extravagant cars for a living. They attend ritzy car auctions, waiting for the rarest vehicle on the auction block to get sold to the highest bidder, stalk the buyer and then make off with their coveted vehicle. But as most of these films usually go, the duo steals from the wrong person and has to escape their predicament by stealing for the bad guy. At least OVERDRIVE keeps its predictability to a minimum by being relatively short compared to most of these films.

There are legitimately good people in this film. Scott Eastwood for one, whose last name should tip you off to the talent he’s attached to, manages to give his maximum gusto as one of the affable leads. There’s also Ana De Armas, who looked so familiar throughout, I finally Googled her mid-film and found out she was in the new BLADE RUNNER movie. As for everyone else on the cast list, good luck with your career.

Scott Eastwood, Freddie Thorp in Overdrive

OVERDRIVE is by no means a good movie or even passable movie. It’s still relatively clunky and unimaginative. Much better movies have found unique ways to subvert the genre’s tropes or redirect life into tired old plot lines. OVERDRIVE just hits cruise control and drifts through this unforbidden landscape of film clichés. The one thing it does do right, albeit twice in the film, is make some lazily entertaining chases, one to begin the movie and one to end the movie on.

Much of the film’s runtime is reliant on the main characters likability and whether or not you enjoy the individual quirks for each side character. I found neither of the half-brothers was enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t put in an ‘A’ for effort, especially Eastwood. As for the side characters, they’re a dime a dozen. Most show up, deliver a generic line and move into the background as the movie sputters along.

Scott Eastwood, Freddie Thorp, Ana De Armas in Overdrive

I know that most of this review seems like me making excuses for a movie that I can’t ultimately recommend you spend time watching. I think a lot of what makes me an apologist for the movie is that I was expecting something much worse, and clearly other people online thought that after watching the movie. For what it is, it could have been a travesty, but instead it’s just humdrum nonsense. I guess what I’m trying to say is, some part of me, deep down enjoyed it a little. And sometimes we just can’t own up to that because good film taste has to prevail.


Video: (1080p HD Widescreen 2:39:1) The blu-ray captures Marseille, a southern French city, wonderfully on this blu-ray although it’s clarity also highlights some atrocious CGI.

Audio: (English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) The sound mixing is amateur as explosions are likely to rattle your home if you turned up the volume enough prior to hear dialogue.

The Caper (7:17): This feature talks about a lot of the behind the scenes work, like stunts, filming locations, action sequences and what other film’s they see in this movie.

The Crew (7:19): This feature is a lot more focused on the cast and their characters.

The Cars (3:34): This is a short feature about the cars used in the film and their importance in the film.


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