Owen Wilson and Lake Bell are on the run in the new No Escape trailer

I like the idea of putting comedic actors in action or dramatic type roles. It doesn’t always work, but I find a touch of natural humor in an otherwise serious film can add a lot to the mix. That brings us to the new trailer for NO ESCAPE (formerly called THE COUP) with funnyman Owen Wilson. The film brings back memories of his first action film, BEHIND ENEMY LINES and while that film was universally trashed, I thought it showed some promise of Wilson as a leading action-type. But that was a long time ago and a lot has happened to Wilson since then and I’m not so sure NO ESCAPE is the answer he’s looking for. But I like the idea of a normal dude going to great lengths to save his family, so maybe this one will work out. One interesting thing about this new trailer is that it is extremely light on Pierce Brosnan, who was featured heavily on the poster. So I’m not sure if that means he just pops up for a second or if his appearance is supposed to be more of a surprise. Check out the new trailer below and see for yourself.

NO ESCAPE tells the story of an American family that is living in a small Asian country that gets caught up in a violent revolution. That forces the seemingly normal, wholesome father to find the inner strength to battle the bad guys and save his family. NO ESCAPE stars Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Spencer Garrett and Byron Gibson. The John Erick Dowdle directed film hits theaters on September 2nd.

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