Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson and Woody Harrelson are turkeys

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson doing the voices for animated turkeys; somehow that just makes sense to me.  The duo have signed up to do the voice work in the film TURKEYS.  In it, they will play buddy turkeys that travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving to change the menu.  The film will be directed by Ash Brannon and will be the first film from Bedrock Studios.  Luke Wilson will also be doing voice work in the film.

At first glance, I really like the idea of the film and think it could bring some humorous situations.  But then I started to think about it and the film is going to have to deal with the issue of death at some point and that could get tricky.  For some reason, I picture kids sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table crying their eyes out because they think they’re eating Owen Wilson’s voice.

Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson

Source: Variety

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