Paranormal Activity 2 conquers Jackass 3D at the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’ve never been able to understand the huge success of horror franchises, but like clockwork, if  a horror movie does well, it will spawn an equally successful sequel.  So it’s no surprise that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 scared up just as much cash as the original even though it was essentially the same movie, with the same people and made with the same budget.  But that didn’t stop people from flocking to the theaters to the tune of $43 million, including the largest midnight opening for a horror film.  Last week’s holdover, JACKASS 3D, still managed a decent haul by grabbing over $20 million while RED was able to take in $15 million.  The interesting case of the weekend was that of HEREAFTER, which shunned traditional Hollywood marketing by practically ignoring audiences under 30 years-old.  The result was a fourth place finish and $12 million.

Next week will belong to SAW 3D, so there’s not much hope for anything else.  It’s Halloween weekend, so those looking for dramas, comedies or action films will have to sit tight until the horror films have their moment.  Note that the numbers below will be updated as they become official.

Paranormal Activity 2

1. Paranormal Activity 2 $43.5m

2. Jackass 3D $ 21.5m

3. Red $15.2m

4. Hereafter $12m

5. The Social Network $7.2m

6. Secretariat $7m

7. Life as We Know It $6.3m

8. Legends of te Guardians $3.1m

9. The Town $2.7m

10. Easy A $1.7m

Source: Deadline

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