Paranormal Activity 3 is a go

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

With the huge success of the horror/suspense films PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, Paramount has decided to go ahead and try for a turkey by green lighting PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3.  The third installment in the franchise has a tentative release date of October 21, 2011.  Original director and producer, Oren Peli and Jason Blum, will be a part of the third film in some way but in what capacity is yet to be determined.  The first two films made a combination of $300 million worldwide at the box office and both films revolve around families who are living in haunted houses.

I’m shocked to learn that Paramount is making a third film when the second one didn’t get great reviews and pretty much followed the same storyline as its predecessor, but I was also stunned to discover that they made enough money to keep the SAW franchise going for as long as it has.

Paranormal Activity 2

Source: Variety

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