Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler join Terrence Howard in The Ledge

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Charlie Hunnam have joined the cast of the suspense film THE LEDGE with Terrence Howard.  The film is about a man standing on a ledge that insists he has to jump by noon that day.  Howard will play a policeman trying to control the situation.  Hunnam will play the man about to jump.  The film will be directed by Matthew Chapman, who also wrote the screenplay.

At first glance, this feels like a film that has a great idea, but not enough of a story to make up a full two hours.  There’s only so much you can do with a guy standing on a ledge, but I have to assume that there’s another story since they have two recognizable actors that haven’t had their roles defined.  It almost feels a little like the Joel Schumacher film PHONE BOOTH, which also had a good idea.  But that film had other problems, mainly Joel Schumacher.

Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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